On the Border of Princes and Kings

Battle of the Beasts pt. 2 And friends!


The battle had been joined by two Minotaurs and four Centagores. The two Minotaurs had charged, moving several meters faster than most beasts Lossenthêl has seen. She remembered at least one in the raid against her village of Bullarn so long ago. It had been distracted by some farm hands that tried in vain to fight it.

Lossenthêl saw it fall only to be replaced by another. However it had been a Centagore that killed her mother. Lossenthêl was still upset with herself that she couldn’t save her mother, her family or her village. Having to go through great lengths to survive that horrible autumn night, including having to bathe in manure at one point to evade death and having a brief time to get clean of that, she was focused on killing those beasts today.

At some point during the battle, Timon had abandoned Ayill to her fate to two of the Centagores. That was something Lossenthêl drew issues with but focused on the battle and soon task at hand. Timon silently challenged the Elven Ranger-turned-Spellsinger’s ability to protect Pergale, dumped on her honor, and left their new young sister Ayil alone. Lossenthêl’s mother, Lady Idhrendîs, was alone by choice and the young elf still but a child couldn’t save her from the horde that came.

Between her younger sister Pergale and herself, they made short work of the first set of Centagours, which wasted Timon’s charge. However he didn’t go back to Ayill’s aide opting instead to join Glurg who was fighting the two Minotaurs. Again, Timon’s attack was wasted in comparrison and a small part of Karma bit him when Glurg killed both Minotaurs in less than 5 seconds by spraying their blood and gore all over Timon and his horse. Shiny silver became a sea of crimson gore.

The remaining Centagores tried to escape, but between Timon, Pergale and Lossenthêl were unable to. Taken down between magic, arrow and sword. Well it was mostly Arrow and Magic. Shortly after killing all of the beastmen in the immediet vicinity, Lossenthêl followed their tracks while Glurg tried to destroy a stone. If Lossenthêl didn’t have such tunnel vision to protect the Athel Loren, the fey in general and the Noble Asrai, she might’ve thought it funny of the strange Rock-Paper-Linen Glurg played. Beastmen beat Rock to make Herdstone, Glurg beat Beastmen rather easily and viciously, Rock-almost-herdstone beat Glurg.

Lossenthêl followed the trail and the forest opened up to her while Amber guided her. Amber had to stay nearby Lossenthêl otherwise the corrupting magic would kill her or worse. Following it closely, staying out of sight of the herd, the young elf soon came across the Army with the largest Herdstone the fresh Spellsinger had ever seen. Easily taller than many human cottages, reaching four stories tall and tied together in strange twisted magic.

Surrounding this evil necromatic stone where three Beastmen generals:

The first, a robed shaman who’s own weight was supported by his unique staff that had three distinct chaotic circles at the top.

The second, some kind of iridescent purple clad warrior that looked more nimble than the other two and he carried a whip.

The Third, a hulking massive creature that wielded two great axes one in each hand. He was covered in spikes and from what she could see, was possibly taller than Glurg.

The three were arguing about something and Lossenthêl didn’t know what. She did, however, see a human though walking among the Beastmen appearing to be giving some orders. The three Beastmen generals were weary of him and wouldn’t come within ten feet of him. This human was unique, for he had been described to her before when he attacked Pergale in some kind of magic-mediation-mindfuck. Only he was old decrepted and very undead. He weilded the golden scepter that was stolen from the Brettonians which caused this war.

Lossenthêl knew she had to get this information back to Pergale and the rest, which she did. Pergale knew she had to see with her own eyes and good thing too as Pergale knew more about magic than the young elf and could possibly identify things Lossenthêl couldn’t. Ayill could identify things too; for each of the three followed different magical paths that brought much knowledge to the group.

Glurg had to be left behind a good distance where he proceeded to traumatize a horse albeit unintentionally or intentionally, but who knows with that Ogre.

Timon, seeing the horde and his people’s sacred land poisoned and trashed, was seething to get his hands on all of the violators responsible. Like Lossenthêl he knew an army was needed for this. More than one Army, Lossenthêl knew she had to inform the elves of the Athel Loren.

Regrouping far away from the Beastmen horde to discuss plans, all were in agreement that Lossenthêl needed to be the one to inform the Elves of the Athel Loren, the Noble Asrai, to the cause and hopefully receive their aide. And during the journey back to the Duke of Carcasone over the three of four days it would take, Lossenthêl traveled to the Athel Loren to look for signs of the Asrai.

Night after night she would return with news of having not been able to find the Wood Elves of the Lorelorn, Athel Loren, forest. For she weaved herself just within the Athel Loren, a little further each time, but not too far in. For it was because she wouldn’t want to leave the magical forest if she went too far in and also because Pergale and the others needed her.

She went in with Amber on her shoulder and the magical web displayed around her. Yet each night was disappointed in not being able to find even one of the Noble Asrai. Then, roughly the evening before they were to arrive before the Duke of Carcasone’s partially demolished fort-castle, Lossenthêl returned with yet again another failed attempt at trying to establish contact with the Elves of the Athel Loren.

Then out of nowhere twelve of them appeared each one with an arrow cocked and aimed ready to fire at the group. They were surrounded. Lossenthêl was amazed and also dismayed at getting the group surround.



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