On the Border of Princes and Kings

The battle with the Beasts pt1


They knew they were going to war, to fight within it just to find out what was causing it. What power person or creature was causing men and orcs to look like Beastmen. The sky the Earth, it trembled out of fear and death. Having leaving their horses behind, for Lossenthêl it was for the horses safety, movement was slower and more discrete. Well as discrete as it could be trailing behind the large Ogre mother man thing.

The forest…it felt sick and dying. What wasn’t sick and dying was already dead. The closer and closer they got to this source, the more fearful the fey had become and were fleeing. It was pure fear and terror and they fled fast not paying any attention the human Knight Timon and one of only two on a horse, the Elf Magician Ayill, the Human Tarot Reader Pergale with her horse, Ogre Mother Glurg, A possible invisible Slyri halfling, and of course the Ranger Lossenthêl freshly awakened to the magical world.

It was a prayer from the heart to the Elven God of the Hunt, Kurnous. In the language her elder sister taught her. To the others it was a mumble of a language they didn’t know. To her it was an awakening feeling and also a promise. She hated Beastmen and they were poisoning the Athel Loren. The only reason she didn’t rush off to that forest was because they had to track that something or someone responsible for the pollution of dark evil magic, the scourge of taint on the land.

Ayill was better at hiding and sneaking than Lossenthêl and she scouted ahead of Glurg. Lossenthêl was off in the woods a little and heard Glurg calling out for her to come back to the group. She came a little closer and was able to hear Ayill speak a description Lossenthêl knew to be a Heard Stone. It would be very, very bad if that thing were finished with…whatever they were doing to built it and they had to be stopped.

Not long after they soon found a Beast Shaman and his guards. It was to be a fight, a fight that wouldn’t stop after they killed some of them. Lossenthêl knew, she knew their were always more. Being out in the open wouldn’t be good. Lossenthêl did something she hadn’t done prior to this. She found the evil Shaman and casted a spell at him which succeeded in growing thorns in her body. It succeeded and it made that beast angry.

That shaman did the most damage to Glurg with some kind of blood spell to the Ogre but Lossenthêl would soon loose sight of the Shaman due to Timon and his horse. Later, the Shaman would cast a spell to be his undoing. It summoned demons while Lossenthêl was trying to go around to pelt the Shaman with arrows. Glurg killed one with relative ease while Lossenthêl critically injured another and moved away.

In the fight, Ayill had dissapeared somewhere in the groups of trees still standing. And in the fight, the black mist that the Shaman had summoned which affected both Pergale and Lossenthêl and warped Pergale’s horse causing the beast to grow thick matted fur and suffer in pain. Pergale would go on to dispell the curse surrounding the beast so it wouldn’t suffer or mutate anymore.

Thank goodness for the mental training required to tap the energies of Gryrann and the magic that be. It’s what saved both Pergale and Lossenthêl. The surviving demons including the injured one grabbed the Shaman and pulled him under and Lossenthêl coudln’t see what’s left. But the death of him and the dissapearance of the the Shaman, she could feel it wasn’t over. Lossenthêl knew this battle wasn’t over.

Blessed Kurnous of the hunt and Blessed mother Isha, Lossenthêl offered silent prayer in wanting to fight to kill these invaders and protect her future home.



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