On the Border of Princes and Kings

The trouble of humans and Magic

I think I should of done things differently?

‘So I told the human knight that I have magic despite his significant stubbornness. His hand went to his sword on a near-predicatable instinctual level.’ Lossenthêl thought she was doing the right thing. However she must not be speaking in a language most can understand because they just interpret things differently.

She told Glurg about Pergale being an alchemist…which is true. Glurg interpreted that as Pergale being a Witch…which is also true. However when Lossenthêl admitted to Glurg about her own magic Glurg thinks Lossenthêl is a Witch too which isn’t true. Lossenthêl only talked to him briefly to clear some things up but it added confusion instead.

In this time Lossenthêl also told Amber that if some bad magic were about to run like before. Lossenthêl wasn’t expecting what is to come.

Lossenthêl bumped into Timon at the Bailey shortly after getting twenty five arrows from the Men at Arms people who all ran away from her after dealing with her. That part was nice it meant Lossenthêl would be left alone in a sense however she did want to say thank you because of Manners.

So she asked Timon how to say thank you in Breton because he wouldn’t thank them for her which was frustrating and after several minutes finally learned how to say Thank you in Bretton which she said to the Men at Arms who looked up and stared in unison before going back to whatever it is they were doing.

Shortly after that she spoke with Timon and attempted to warn him. During this time she felt he wasn’t taking her seriously. She admitted to him she grew up in the Empire and that the Elves don’t kidnap children otherwise they would of done so to the Imperials but the Imperials have this thing called Witchhunters. Not only that but she also admitted to being Magic and she wasn’t the only one in the group to be so but said no more than that. She did admit to wanting to join the Elves of the Lorelorn Athel Loren forest for they had both saved her life and spared her.

She went back to camp sometime after the talk with Timon and made some arrows before there was a commotion in Pergale’s tent. She headed for the tent to check up on Pergale only for Amber to alert Lossenthêl to something evil and magic. Lossenthêl’s instincts was to alert Timon to watch over the tent but not go in and then to fetch Glurg and Rika.

When she got back to the town she witnessed the end of Glurg’s tossing of Food Barrels and how angry it made the locals. She managed to tell the two of them about Pergale and all ran back with Rika being very concerned for Pergale’s health.

Lossenthêl told Pergale what she could about strange magic and Rika tried telling Lossenthêl that Pergale wasn’t magic. Thing was Lossenthêl knew Pergale was magic for a very long time and now she herself was magic.

When they got back to Pergale’s tent, Lossenthêl nearly ran into Glurg. He was faster than Lossenthêl and Rika and got there first to check up on Lossenthêl. Timon was in the tent, unconcious and Lossenthêl had to wonder…was this what humans meant when they said they have fallen hard for someone?

When Pergale woke, she spoke of something dangerous coming. Something evil, with a description of it being a him and undead carrying a golden weapon relic. It was this that got Lossenthêl to thinking that she said something to Amber that might have negative consequences. She had to speak with Amber directly.

Amber taught her magic and her Parents tought her honor. She had to bring Amber to existence so she could see Amber’s eyes and look into her like Timon did when he made a vow to protect Pergale of his holy quest. Hopefully there was a spot to do this.



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