On the Border of Princes and Kings

Travel to the front

Keep your paws off my secrets, dammit

The ride to the front has been uneventful, but for one exception. The elf mage Lossenthël, I now know, carries with her a fey pet, a frightening creature, she is the size of a small cat, with the torso of a woman and the lower half of a spider. I nearly slew it when it first appeared. If Lossenthël had not threatened me, and spoken of the strange creature as her “sister”, I might have. The elves of Athel Loren have always been strange. She will no doubt fit right in. She calls the unnatural creature Amber. I have so far been able to avoid her company when Amber is around.

After days of travel, and several interesting conversations with Lady Pergale, we received word from the Warden. We turned south toward a fort held by Brettonia. On our way we came across the remains of a battle. The dead lay in piles, orcs and men, but mostly orcs. The largest pile of corpses had been fired, which did not dissuade Glurgg from wading into it in search of unburnt meat. We tried to stop him, but he is unmoved by pleas when his hunger calls. In this case, it was to our benefit, for when he bit into the orc he discovered that it was not what it seemed. Some sort of glamour had been cast, and made BEASTMEN to look like orcs. This is dark magic indeed that draws an army of disguised beastmen to our fair land. We must warn the Duke of Carcassone.

We pressed on to the fort, and discovered the duke himself was there, along with a Maiden of the Lake and a large contingent of men. The fort is in ruins, but it holds for Brettonia. The Duke and the Maiden spoke at length with my companions while I went to speak with the scout master and shared our intelligence, and that of the Warden’s Herrimaults, with him. I did not tell him where our information came from, of course.

I was summoned from my meeting to attend on the Duke. When I arrived he was speaking with the ladies, and Glurgg, about visions, nightmares, that all of them seem to have shared about two weeks prior. When he asked if I had any such vision, I truthfully answered no. My sleep has been undisturbed for many moons. But to my shock, the Lady Lossenthël spoke up and told him I HAD had a vision. She revealed my quest vision to him, and I was forced to confirm it to him in front of all. I had hoped to speak with him in private and inform him of my new status, not be laid bare in front of all and sundry. I am appalled and embarrassed, but at least now my Leige knows that I follow the Lady’s path. In the meantime, I think I shall keep any other secrets to myself for the near future. Lady Lossenthël seems to think it healthy to share everything.

Tomorrow, we make for the front. And seek the death of a necromancer.



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