A smirk, a flash of teeth and an unapologetic tilt of the head, this red-maned lass seems to be ever-cheerful.




Where are you from?
Eastern Sylvania, an absolutely charming little hamlet by the name of Schwartzhof. Well, no, it’s not actually a little hamlet.

What is your family like?
My mother raised a brood of wee children, self included. None of them are my actual, full-blooded brothers and sisters, and, well… most of them were humans. My mother and I were like two great oaks, and she sheltered creeping vines, fleeting flowers beneath her boughs.

What is your social class?
Well, technically, I’m… I’m an escaped slave, but hey, who cares about that?

What did you do before you were an adventurer?
I tended graves with my mother, and then I served under a necromancer named Heinrich.

Why did you become an adventurer?
I? Well, I found a book in my master’s study, and it told me about the lands beyond Sylvania, so! I decided to take a walkabout without asking my master’s permission. Then there was a misunderstanding, and then another misunderstanding, and then an ogre charging through caravans and here we are!

How religious are you?
I pray when I’m fairly certain of my impending doom, and not really any other times.

Who are your best friends and your worst enemies?
All my friends are dead, and I absolutely fucking despise Krell and his little lackeys.

What are your prized possessions?
Let’s see… I’ve got my gri-griiimy journal, yeah, that. That’s totally just a journal. I’ve got another book, too, and this really nice lantern my mom got me.

Who are you loyal to?
Only to myself as of late- and I think I’d do well to keep it that way.

Who do you love/hate?
I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t really… know about that sorta thing, but I do know that I really want to destroy Krell. It’d make me feel better deep down, I think.


On the Border of Princes and Kings Ayill