Brunni of the Hammer

A sour, stoic Dawi with a burning grudge...against the world, apparently.


Brunni of the Hammer is a little over four feet tall, with a broad, sturdy build and thick, strong arms. His sour look is actually complimented by the thick black beard that grows around his face. While young by Dwarven standards, he’s well proven to be a skilled combatant in the eyes of those who know him.

His skin is tinted by long days outdoors in the hot sun, and his face has a few frightening scars. His demeanor makes them even more scary. He seems to barely acknowledge the world with more than a grunt, and at no point has he ever shown anything remotely similar to pleasure. He’s often the butt of Headie’s jokes – from the light-hearted to the downright cruel. Anyone who spends time with him will know that while he’s sour and angry, he’s pledged to defend Headie’s life. As much as that may be troublesome, it’s a job he takes EXTREMELY seriously.

He tends to wear heavier armor, favoring a mail coat and heavy breastplate. His favored weapon is a wicked looking war hammer, with a beaked pick on the opposite end. None of his iconography shows what House or Hold he hails from, but instead just has simple colors and designs similar to Headie’s own preferences.


Brunni of the Hammer

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