Danzig Strunn

Adventurer and Former Sigmarite


Danzig is a middle aged man of Averland descent. He has a fairly common appearance, and though he shows the years on his features, he rarely seems less energetic because of it. What it likely his most valuable possession is a small silver chain, from which hangs a symbol of Sigmar. Wherever he goes, he does his best to help those in need and ease the pain of anyone suffering. His gear is worn, but well cared for, and his smile is full of welcome and peace.


If he were to tell the story, he’s nothing spectacular. He’s a wanderer, though he admits that adventure calls to him when he’s near it. He’s open about his past as a Priest of Sigmar, though not the tragedy that drove him from the Church itself. He’d be the first to say that he doesn’t want to be associated with their rather harsh reputation outside the Empire. Instead, he quietly gives blessings, and does what he can to help his fellow man.

Danzig Strunn

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