Gerolf Fleischer


Standing at 5’8" Gerolf sports a rather lean and wiry frame. He’s clearly accustomed to a life of hard labor, if not battle, and has the scars to prove it. Jagged lines crisscross his arms, legs, and torso. His face, on the other hand, is relatively unmarred.

He’d be a handsome fellow, but there’s a long horizontal scar running diagonally across the bridge of his nose. It curves beneath his left eye, pauses, then resumes from the edges of his cheekbone all the way to his ear – the lobe of which is missing a small, triangular chunk.

His black hair is wild but clean, and he usually smells of dirt. For a hardened veteran he seems to place some importance in general hygiene. His weapons and armor, however, are immaculate.


Where are you from? Gerolf hails from the Borderlands themselves. He grew up in Malko and was kicked out with his parents by Bretonnian nobles in a foolish attempt to settle the Badlands. Predictably the settlement was wiped out in the first couple months and he was one of the few to survive (in his case by being trapped under a literal mountain of corpses; that he didn’t suffocate to death was a miracle in itself). Afterward he left Malko and headed straight for Matorca.

What is your family like? Both parents dead. The life of an only child (and survivor) is a lonely one. He isn’t aware of there being any extended family either.

What is your Social Class? Gerolf is as lowborn as one can be. He comes from an impoverished background and has no family to speak of to boot.

What did you do before you were an Adventurer? Gerolf served as a militiaman in Malko and continued to do so in Matorca. After nearly losing an ear in a tavern brawl that spiraled out of control he realized it was just as dangerous within the city. Consequently he resigned from his post and became a mercenary instead. If he was going to put himself in harm’s way for gold, he might as well do so for people who pay better.

How religious are you? Gerolf has mixed feelings when it comes to the gods. He was rewarded for his fervent prayers by surviving the massacre that claimed his family and friends’ lives. On the other hand he was forced to witness some of the most horrifying, brutal acts of violence known to man. If the gods exist, they seem determined to make him an agnostic.

Who are your best friends and your worst enemies? A quiet, reserved man, Gerolf has few friends to speak of. He cares about the adventuring party he’s in but has come to accept that death will likely claim them all in a gruesome fashion. Consequently he tends to treat everyone like “work friends” rather than true companions.

If Gerolf were to ever meet the Bretonnian nobles responsible for that disastrous attempt to settle the Badlands there’s a good chance he’d try and get even, somehow.

What are your most prized possessions? Gerolf has a hunting knife that his father gave him when twelve years old. Beyond that he seems reluctant to let anyone else handle the battered halberd he’s carried since his days as a militiaman.

Who are you loyal to? Headie and his adventuring party. To a certain degree the people of Matorca as well. Beyond that, Gerolf has aspirations of knighthood so he’d express loyalty to whoever sponsors him.

Who do you love/hate? Gerolf finds the inhabitants of Matorca rather likable. He enjoys the company of his adventuring party and appreciates that Headie has always treated him with a fairness and respect that was absent from most of his former employers. Underneath his stoic exterior he nurtures a seething hatred for both orcs and Bretonnians alike.

Gerolf Fleischer

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