Harland Kejaan

Advisor to the Prince and Steward of Matorca


Harland Kejaan is a man soured by age and action. He started off in a small noble family within the Matorcan Aristocracy. He’s in the twilight of his years, older than most in court. His hair still has the black color of his youth though his skin definitely shows his age. He wears glasses of copper, with thin lenses for reading. His dress tends to maintain a conservative traditional style within Matorca, and his many political allies tend to follow his lead.

He always has a bit of snap to his voice – as if he’s always speaking down to someone and he distastes the interaction. He carries himself like a proper noble. He keeps the city running and keeps his citizens moderately safe, but expects them to be eternally grateful for his actions. When facing an enemy in court, he is merciless – often having no problem publicly shaming his opposition to push his agenda.


The Kejaan family is one of the oldest in Matorca. They’ve seen better times, for sure, but Harland is working hard to rebuild is family’s once great fortune. He’s succeeded, for the most part, with brutal tactics and a frugal sense. He’s spent his life building and only recently has started focusing on a broader goal than filling his family coffers. Rumors abound that he’s currently looking for a wife, since he has never been married and has no heirs. It will be difficult. He may be a shrewd politician and businessman, but he has an air of authority that most find distasteful. Only the Prince seems to have tolerance for his antics, and only the Prince has ever gotten away with talking down to Harland.

Harland Kejaan

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