Headie Goldwright

A middle aged Dawi businessman known by many as a good man who's always willing to listen to a plea for help.


Headie’s been around for a good long time now. No one’s quite sure how old he is, except for him, and there’s plenty of bets to determine the Dwarf’s age. It’s hard especially since he regularly shaves his beard. He prefers the style and company of the varied races of the Border Princes and Empire. More surprisingly is that he still has business dealings with the different Dwarven Holds. His complete disregard to tradition does mean he has to find his home outside of those very holds, however.

He stands just over four feet tall, with eyes rimmed with crows feet. His muscled youth has given way to a bit of softness, with a well shaped belly and hands more suited to counting coin than swinging an axe. His hair was black at one point, and is growing more and more grey with every passing week. When the occasion calls for it, he will flaunt the heights of fashion and style.

For the last two years, you’ve all known him as a sort of boss. He’s much more fatherly than bossy, however, and loves to laugh with you all as much as anything else. He runs a small company called “Hearty Headie’s Work for Hire”. You are one of a handful of groups that he sends out regularly. Sometimes you’ll be gone for months at a time on missions, sometimes it’s just a few days here or there. With every job finished, he pays you and welcomes you back to the Guildhouse, as he calls it, with open arms and a bright smile.

He’s lost most of his Dwarven accent, and instead has a very neutral accent that most can definitely stand to listen to.


Headie has around two hundred years of business experience in the Border Princes, the Empire, Tilea, Estalia, and even Brettonia. He’s not quite welcome within the Dwarven Holds, but his trade agreements still deliver goods and services to them despite his seemingly negative history. He has a main Guildhall (his words) in Matorca, near the docks where his small fleet of shipping and privateer vessels can make port. He’s generally regarded as a paragon of the community in Matorca, drawing plenty of business in his newest venture – Hearty Headie’s Work for Hire.

Headie Goldwright

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