Maria Alsinor

A quick witted, well cultured courtier with a deep love for her husband.


Maria is a fairly beautiful young woman who was recently married to The Rat Catcher. Humphrey, as his name turned out to be, had earned her affection with his heroism and her father’s respect for his dedication. She’s about five and a half feet tall, with tanned skin and raven black hair. She wears very traditional garb, fancying loose layered dresses that allowed the desert air but keeping her modest.

She has a spark of intelligence behind her eyes, a with that allows her a fair amount of control over courts. Her father, who lovingly raised her, could have earned a good amount of wealth by arranging a more profitable marriage, but it was her calm words after such a tragedy that swayed him to offering her to Humphrey. Since the wedding, she’s managed to collect a fair amount of power within Matorca. She’s quite well suited for the small court there, and has the Prince’s ear on most matters political.


She’s the only child of Lord Hassoth Alsinor, a minor landed noble of Khypris. His family was mostly doomed when his wife died without giving him an heir, and his family was hardly wealthy enough to earn many many suitors for his daughter’s hand. Instead, he focused on raising her to carry on in a city that very likely wouldn’t resepct her as a leader. She attneded some of the best schools, learned to ply her wit and charm, and eventually was named as a good match for suitors within other noble houses. Of course, at that point, she was kidnapped.

For nearly four months she was missing, and in the hands of ruffians. Her body still bears the scars of her bondage, but only a handful of people would ever know of it. Her will and courage kept her sane during her time in the hands of her kidnappers. Now, in the prime of her life, she’s still as strong and willful as she was then.

As odd as the match is, it’s obvious she very much loves her husband. She’s very patient with him when it comes to the more advanced subtleties of court, and has turned out to be a decent teacher.

Maria Alsinor

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