Pergale of Quinelles

Pergale is a tall, attractive, young woman of slim to average build. Her thick, ash blonde hair is often worn in a long, loose braid that hangs to her waist; with bangs framing her face, and emphasizing her piercing, deep brown eyes.


In a small farming village in Quenelles, the young woman that would become known as Pergale was born to two sad parents. Her parents wept at the day of her birth because Pergale had been born with the Gift. They knew that soon the Fay would come and take her, and that they would likely never see their daughter again, and they were heartbroken that they would lose yet another child to the Fay. You see, Pergale’s elder sister had also had the Gift, and like Pergale’s it had begun to manifest while she was in the womb. It filled her mother with joy that when their daughter was born she would go and become a Maiden of the Lady. But when that day arrived, when her mother came to find her crib empty and her little girl gone, she was utterly crushed and realized that her little girl was gone and would never know her.

Pergale’s parents became woefully sad at the loss of their first born, and her mother devastated. She had hope again when she grew pregnant once more and they had a son without the Gift, and so they tried again. When strange things began to occur around Pergale’s mother again while she was pregnant, her mother immediately knew that her soon to be born child was another girl that would have the Gift. She grew panic stricken, and worried constantly. She did not wish to lose another child to the Fay, and told her husband that she would rather drown her newborn than lose another in that way. Her husband told her that she would never have to see that day, but that it might mean sending Pergale away so that she may return one day; and though Pergale’s mother was still devastated to lose yet another child, she agreed to let her newborn be taken and raised elsewhere.

Pergale’s father made arrangements with a group a Herrimaults and gave them all of what little he and his wife had; to take their newborn and to find her a place where she could be raised in safety away from the Fay of Brettonia. And, so, on the eve after Pergale was born her mother said goodbye to her child and the Faceless Men took her.

Pergale was looked after by the Herrimault camp attendees for a short time. Her little random expressions of the Gift unnerved them at times, but she was a mild and happy baby that rarely caused a fuss. They could not keep her forever, though, as none of them knew what to do with her, and soon they looked for a way to get the newborn to someone that could train her, and perhaps to get her out of Brettonia in case the Fay came for her one night. Pergale’s wards located a caravan of travelling people, and the child was put into the care of an elder alchemist and soothsayer that promised to teach the girl how to manifest her Gift to help others and to keep her safe from the predations of Chaos.

Pergale grew and learned many things travelling from place to place with the people, and became an adept alchemist, healer, and soothsayer in her time. She, also, learned a little more of how to focus her Gift, as well as the art of graft, cheating, and haggling, and how to use her Gift in these trades. Gramama, her name for the woman that raised and taught her, made sure that Pergale was named per the Brettonian tradition of waiting until she could talk, and gave her the name her mother had wanted for her; Pergale of Quenelles, so that she would not forget her parents or where she was from. Gramama, also, held to making sure that the young girl knew her parents tale, that she understood that she was sent away because her parents loved her, that they wished her to become strong in the Gift in her own way, and to promise to go and find them one day. Pergale lived for that day.

When Pergale was a little older and had learned much from the travelling people, and upon camping out on the outskirts of the city of Matorca, Gramama took her to meet an uncharacteristically gregarious dwarf that she “had known since she was a young apprentice.” Gramama introduced Pergale to Headie, the odd dwarf with a shaved beard and good heart, and had Pergale show him the many odd talents at her disposal. Gramama explained to them both that she had decided that Pergale had learned all she could from her, that she could not travel with the people forever as she was not one of them, and that taking up with Headie would be her chance to make the money she needed to expand her magical talents. She knew Headie would be a good mentor and friend to Pergale, and would give her a chance to prove herself. Headie, being a good, but shrewd, businessman also saw the benefits, and new that having a full blown wizard in his employ would be incredibly profitable, not to mention the other talents the young woman brought to the table.

Pergale was sad to see her erstwhile family go, but happy at the new opportunities for growth. Headie helped her to pay for her entry into the wizards college after a few jobs for him, and her talents with the Gift have expanded greatly in the very short two years that she has been working for him. In the meantime she has become a valuable member of his company, and her knowledge of alchemy, healing, and graft have loaned a very useful set of skills to the company of sellswords she now keeps. In the meantime, Headie has developed a soft spot for the young woman whom seems, despite her penchant for her learned graft, to have a genuinely good soul and wish to help people, and the two have become friends.

Physical Description:
Pergale is a tall, attractive, young woman of slim to average build. Her thick, ash blonde hair is often worn in a long, loose braid that hangs to her waist; with bangs framing her face, and emphasizing her piercing, deep brown eyes. Having taken well to living on the road for most of her life, and now to adventuring for hire, Pergale is usually seen in nice but sturdy clothing, and often in common rustic colors; her hands rough and often mottled with natural dyes. She learned early on that many people are made uncomfortable by the Gift, and has thus learned that blending is an important survival trait; even going so far as to avoiding wearing her wizard’s robes. In the meantime, her nature and her growing power have meant that she has always moved at an easy, predictable pace, even when rushing; her presence always seems to bring with it an otherworldly feeling of knowing; and even without her ever present bag of apothecary tools and unguents, the smell of natural perfumes pervade her. Some of her closest acquaintances have even noticed that her hair has seemed to have been lightening and her eyes to glow softly at times the further along the path she has gone.

Where are you from?
A small farming village along the River Brienne near Castle Quinelles

What is your family like?
Her father, Eckel, and mother, Jocelin, are poor farmers in Bretonnia. Her elder sister is a Maiden of The Lady, whom was taken soon after birth. Her brother, whom did not have a name yet when she was taken, is also a peasant farmer. Pergale is unaware if she has any other family.

What is your Social Class?
Apprentice Wizard.

What did you do before you were an Adventurer?
Hedge wizard, apothecary, and healer with a band of travelling people.

How religious are you?
Pergale pays service to Shallya in her work and daily life, and gives lip service to the other gods, but is not heavily religious.

Who are your best friends and your worst enemies?
Headie has been Pergale’s only real friend in the last few years, and she has made friends with and become close to the other adventurer’s of the company, but few people still regard her with any great trust. There are many enemies lurking in the shadows and Pergale has learned that it’s hard enough being an outsider as a traveler, and even more so as someone with the Gift. She is constantly leary of new people and always on the lookout for someone that might try and throw rocks at a “witch.”

What are your most prized possessions?
Her Apothecary kit gifted to her from Gramama, her tome of magical formulae, and a pewter pendant of the Lady of the Lake with the words “For J” carved into the back which; Pergale’s father gave to her mother when they were wed.

Who are you loyal to?
Pergale is loyal to herself first and foremost. The persecution that the Gift brings has made her wary of others, and being a traveler has taught her to be self sufficient. Her big heart, however, has allowed her to expand her loyalty to those in her care, and she has slowly opened up to Headie and her fellow adventurers.

Who do you love/hate?
Pergale deeply loves the parents that she never got to know, Gramama and the other travelling foke that raised her, and really anyone that genuinely does not fear her or what she can do.
She hates people that look down on others for being separate or different, and has a love/hate relationship with the culture of her home country. She, also, holds a deep hatred for Chaos, for what it represents in her, and why it makes others, and her, mistrust her talents.

Pergale of Quinelles

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