Sylri Rosevyr


Below you’ll find ten questions related to your character, who he or she is, and what he or she thinks of the world. Take your time, give some thought, and provide me with some detailed answers here. These will be public for the other players. You guys have known each other for two years. Detail, creativity, and thought will earn an extra 100xp. Please answer them ‘In Character’, as if you were being asked directly.

[She sits alone in her room in front of her small vanity, brushing her hair before she begins pinning it up – obviously getting ready to a jaunt around the rooftops of the city.] Some one asked me my name today. It’s been so long since that actually occurred. I wonder if it was because for the first time in a long while I let myself be seen by some one other than our merry band. I almost answered “Lily” since that of course is the name I am most famous for, but my tongue luckily caught my error before it spoke. Sylri Rosevyr I heard myself say. Yes, that was my real name.

Physical Description:
[She stands and glances over herself in the mirror approvingly. Perhaps a bit cliche but I still wear a small cap that appears to have cat ears sewn in to the top. It hides much of my darkened rose colored hair. I always wear a bit of make up, sometimes even draw on cat whiskers when I am bored. My armor is tight leather but quite flexible to allow me to move and bend as I need. I wear several belts holding the tools of my trade, they also have a few small pouches in case I find a small shiny or two that I think needs a new home. My pants and boots are made of the same as my top. Tight and flexible leather, but odd may it sound, only my heels are covered on my feet. I prefer to keep my toes bare – it is quieter and helps me maneuver much better. I keep my nails, both toe nails and finger nails painted the same color as my hair though. I mustn’t let something as silly as picking a lock make me care less about my appearance. I wear long leather gloves – they nearly meet my shoulders, but they are finger-less – again, it helps with my maneuverability. And to complete my ensemble, my knapsack and a scarf around my neck.] Yes, I think this will do for the night.

Where are you from?
I remember being asked once where I was from. Truthfully, I don’t remember. I was a street rat when I was younger. Even then I was fairly good at doing what I do. It was so easy to get away from the bullies and guard. I would just scale the side of a building and jump to the next and then the next again. I would giggle quietly because they had no clue. The dumbfounded expressions on their faces were definitely worth the risk of getting caught.

What is your family like?
[She pauses at her window, taking a glance back over her room.] They all are my family, I wonder if they know. I was orphaned as a child so I know nothing of my natural family. Headie took me in, took a chance. And the rest fell into place. I may not always show it, but they are my family.

What is your Social Class?
[She eases out of her window and closes it behind her, setting traps to ensure no other burglar thinks they have the slightest chance of entering her home. She begins dancing across the roof tops, heading toward the Guildhall where Headie had summoned her to.] I like to think I’m of a wealthier class, but the truth is I can blend in almost anywhere. I have to. I have to be able to stake out a mark. So I can dance with the best of them – I even have a few lovely dresses for such occasions but pity the person who tries to mess with me because they have plenty of hidden spots for darts and daggers.

What did you do before you were an Adventurer?
[She leaps across a gap in a building and begins her climb to the top, giggling at the ease of it.] I’m not an adventurer. I’m a cat burglar. What a silly question they asked me today. But I dutifully answered appropriately. “As an orphan I mostly lived in the streets and begged for food or hunted a place to sleep, eventually I found a job in one of the bars as a cleaning wench, after a few years I ran into Headie and he lead me to the adventuring life.” Yes, but I’ve always been a thief, it’s just not everyone that needs to know that.

How religious are you?
[She pauses atop the building to gaze at the view. Always good to appreciate a good view and offer a small prayer before doing anything. She moved her hand to just beneath her armor – where her belly button would be. Her fingers gently rest on a golden X that seems to be a piercing on her navel.] Nightprowler, grant me the speed and skill to make it through the next task at hand. May it bring us fortune and fun. And as always a cut of my share will go to the orphanage in your name.

Who are your best friends and your worst enemies?
[Another leap to the next building brings her closer still to the Guildhall.] That was such a random question she asked. Who are my best friends? My family of course. Why would anyone think different. Though Gerolf holds a special place, we’re the longest standing members and we’ve been to the hells and back together. Though it made me wonder who my worst enemies are. Perhaps the Guild, since well, I’m better than they are in most areas, and I refuse to join them.

What are your most prized possessions?
[Her pace slows to a walk now, she’s just two buildings away and early by all measure. A smile spreads on her lips.] My lucky lock picks. I’m not sure anyone ever noticed that I had small cats engraved into them, the match the very first shiny cat trinket I stole. It sits on my vanity. I suppose if anyone ever got close enough to me I might tell them that. But it is a rather personal question.

Who are you loyal to?
[Her pace continues carefree.] Headie is the only person I have ever been loyal too – except now the entire company. I’m not sure I would betray any of them unless they hurt me deeply.

Who do you love/hate?
[She jumps the gap between the buildings and lands on the roof of the Guild hall, before scaling down it she pauses to have a last thoughtful moment to herself.] Do I love or hate anyone? I sometimes wish I loved some one, it would be nice I think to have some kind of deeper intimacy but then when do we have time for that? Hate? I suppose I would hate my competition, but I haven’t seen anyone noteworthy lately that would bring that out of me. Maybe I’m just too cocky. [And with that, she walked into the Guildhall.]


Bonus points are available if anyone’s willing to give a Short Story about how they met Hearty Headie. Check the NPC Section for more information on this character.

Ahh Hearty Headie, I remember the day we met. I had heard you were hiring but I had never really been hired for anything, I just steal things. I thought that would be the best way to introduce myself. I remember following you through the streets, stalking you about to see how and when I might make a move. You stopped at a stall in the street and started talking up the shop keep which was my perfect time. I wasn’t as skilled back then. I walked behind you, pretending to look at the shop and bumped in to you by mistake. My tiny hands worked quickly at grabbing your coin purse and I grinned. I thought I had succeeded and started to walk away.

That was when you grabbed my other wrist and dragged me off to an quiet corner. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

“Now I know you thought you managed to take that, but believe me – even the dumbest of people would have felt that big of a pouch of coin being lifted. That said, you had the nerve to try so that’s saying something. So what do you have to say for yourself girl?”

I looked up at you, slightly bewildered but then just grinned. “Like you said, I had to try. You’re the first person that’s caught me you know, and that’s saying something.” A bit begrudgingly I handed back the coin bag and shrugged. “Are you going to turn me in?”

You took the bag and jingled it as if making sure I hadn’t taken any out while i had the time, once satisfied you shook your head. “No, but I’m going to offer you a job – on the condition you swear on the gods you’ll never try to steal from me or anyone in my company.”

My eyes narrowed and I remember thinking to myself, “A job? Like, paying job? Hm. It could be fun. And he didn’t say I couldn’t steal from people that weren’t in his company. Could be profitable. Could make a name for myself. Could get me killed too.” I looked at you again, giving an appraising look as if I were trying to see if this was some trick.

With a small sigh but a half wicked smile I laughed quietly. “Ha! Well alright, but I need new lockpicks. I’d like specially made ones. That’s my price for joining you.”

Sylri Rosevyr

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