On the Border of Princes and Kings

Second Guessing

I am concerned about these women Glurgg has collected. I understand they come from Headie, which is an intriguing thought. I have heard rumors of him, and they are varied. They certainly need a firm and down to earth escort like Glurgg. I feel like they would come to a grisly end in a very short time without him. They do not seem like Ambassadors such as those that visited Chateau Panique in my youth. I have never seen women of their Ilk, at least not outside a bawdy house. The tiny one, Ayill, seems to prefer travelling half naked, and seemed surprised when I informed her it might not go over well with the Lords of the land.

And Lossenthel. The elf woman has already terrified several men-at-arms and does not seem to comprehend basic etiquette. I think I will have my hands full escorting these ladies. Pergale and Rika are secretive and uncommunicative. We are determined to head to the front and De Harkourt has pledged us his assistance. We will travel through Brionne to Quenelle and then head south. I have dispatched a pidgeon to the Merry Men directing them to meet us there. May the Lady bless our travels.

Mall Madness

Pergale and Lossenthel wanted to stay behind with the Warden’s contact, Timon, to wait for the local lord to become available for a meeting. While they waited, I decided to do some shopping. Rika and Mmf came with me. We bought an apron and a green dress. I still need to talk to the lord’s apothecary about a healing draught, in case of emergencies. The locals tried to swindle me on their prices. I approve. Their greed will serve them well. I rewarded it accordingly.

While we were shopping, the ladies met with the lord and promised to retrieve some information from the front lines. I really must get to know Lossenthel and Pergale better. They do not seem interested in knowing me, but they are making some odd choices. What in the world are their skill sets? What leads them to believe that taking me behind enemy lines will keep them safer? I am not adept at stealth missions. Well, I will keep them as safe as I can manage. Odd folks. There’s much more going on here than I’ve yet noticed.

I can See where before I was Blind
Amber is so pretty.



I don’t know how long I have been sleeping. But now it feels as though I am awake for the first time.

I see things now, things I have never seen before. I see sparks of life that flicker ‘on’ when they come into this world.

Then I see those flicker out when death claims them. There loss of life leaves but a fleeting echo.

I have strange sensations now. I feel happy and healthy in the wilderness wood. But the closer I get to civilization, the colder I feel and I even get a little sick.

The flora feel more ordered, more structured the more into civilization we travel. I may find I loathe cities even more than I already do.

Amber is beautiful. She is a beautiful red and black spider woman with red hair and pale skin. She seems to have covered me in a magical web. I must ask her about it.

Those Elves from Uthuan, they were nice. However they were as pompous as the human nobles, reminded me of Matorca. They really love the stories of Humphrey and Headie. I wonder if Elonil, son of Hadril, has a home simalar to Matorca? It was pleasant to have a conversation with Elves

Regardless I was upset with them. I made a vow to protect the Athel Loren and a promise to Amber. Elonil and his entourage spoke of the Athel Loren, it’s beautiful high boughs and the magical warming, as something beneath them. Is this what Amber meant? That Elves played a part in the World’s demise but only the Noble Asrai have repented for that?

Elonil is a good looking male elf but he’s not the one for me. He told me I was a true elf…what does that mean? That I wasn’t an elf in the first place? I don’t know if he cared about me truly or just wanted a loyal bodyguard. I supported his dreams but felt he didn’t support mine.

I want someone who will accept me for my dreams. Someone who is accepting me of who I am. And that includes my small family members, such as Amber. Pergale in a sense is like a sister to me. As for this Ayill character, she’s a nuisance and I’m not too sure why Rika didn’t seem to care that we travel with a necromancer. Also I need to write Headie a letter even though I don’t know how to Read or Write. His bride Glurg is getting on my nerves.

This may be fun though in a sense; for I could test how good I am at sneaking away with Mommy dearest. I want to return to the Asrai a stronger person than that day and Glurg seems keen on herding Pergale, Slyri and I all together without any privacy. Rika has balls to stand up to him I will give her that. Stupid annoying ‘Mommy’

Unwanted Distractions
An Ogre and his flock

Glurgg’s assistance has been invaluable in the fight against the honorless Estalian dogs who have overrun our fair Carcassone like a plague of skaven. I owe him a debt of honor for his help, although many Knights might scoff at owing anything to a beast. No matter. My honor is my life and I will uphold my duties. He has found his scattered sheep at last and asked for my help in their quest. They want to speak with as many landed Lords as may be found, bringing tidings and offers of alliance from their master. I have agreed to facilitate introductions. Timon will be the best choice for such a mission. The nobles will not be eager to truck with foreigners, but perhaps he can ease their qualms.

General Martinez has been spotted moving North and East with a large force of men and artillery. It might be possible to retake Chateau Panique from the defenders he left behind, but I have decided against such action. It is better to warn the encamped armies of Brettonia that his army is on the move. To this end, my Herrimaults will be dispatched toward the front, and I will see to it that Timon warns the lords along the border as he travels with the Ogre and his flock. The Warden

Adventures in Babysitting

I believe that I am beginning to understand why I was hired to look after my new charges. No doubt their employer was aware of their surly demeanors and tendencies to wandering off alone in the middle of war zones. These ladies must be quite excellent at whatever they aim to accomplish and it is almost certainly vitally important work to whoever is sponsoring it. I say this as their intensive training seems to have left them with no common sense.

If you think it’s ironic that that I’m the one saying that, perhaps you should instead reevaluate the severity of the situation.

Pergale managed to wander off on her own without telling anyone in the group within hours of being rescued from captivity. All of them immediately wandered off to do their own thing. The only one of them I’ve been able to keep track of is Mmf, and I’m not even supposed to keep track of her! I swear, if these ladies are a team, I’m going to need to see some actual teamwork before I believe it. Maybe it’s all some sort of elaborate ruse. If it is, you’d think they’d let me in on it instead of trying to work around me. There’s a lot of me to work around. You’d think it’d be easier to have me on their side, like I’m trying to be.

Well, at least the Warden cooked me up with some knights so that we can get to talking to some courts to garner support for something. Smaller races are always forming and breaking alliances and we profit off of it. Fine by me. We’ll also make sure to swing by Pergale’s hometown and the Athel Loren. The way they keep tossing around destinations leads me to believe that they haven’t really planned out their trip, but that’s okay. I’ll let them focus on their business and I’ll guide them safely and smoothly where they want to go.

If they’ll let me, at least.

High Seas Explosion, Prisoner's abroad...and a talking Ogre!
At least Amber's happy to be in the wilderness once more!

It was hard leaving Amelia behind but Headie reassured Lossenthêl that her well loved Equine friend. Lossenthêl hated leaving her behind but it was for the best as the boat they ended up boarding was small and couldn’t hold Amelia and that would ultimately save Amelia’s life.

The crew of the boat was 40 including the Captain and the journey that was roughly one month long was mostly uneventful as they traversed the seas on a smuggling vessel. It wasn’t until they turned to where they were truly going did they come in contact with Estalians. The Captain was worried and knew that they would be boarded and their only chance was to fight the enemy. Little did anyone know that those two fast ships had cannons.

It was a one-sided fight. Those two faster ships killed most of the sailers leaving only fourteen of the original forty. Between Pergale and Lossenthêl, the two were able to light one of the two ship’s sails on fire. Lossenthêl was even able to kill a single enemy sailor. Words can’t describe how naked and angry as well as upset and scared when she, Lossenthêl, had to cough up her bow and armor. Worse still having to put her two most precious things, Her mother’s amulet and Amber’s stone on the ground too.

The captain was killed by some ‘Noble’ the leader of this Warpath. Their boat was a Merchant vessel built for speed not for fighting. Theirs was a Galleon and two Speed Boats that shouldn’t be able to move that fast with Cannons. Lossenthêl had renewed hatred for nobles then she saw other nobles were caged. Of everyone they seemed the most hopeful for an escape and seemed to zero in on Pergale being the leader.

The guards beat up for the nobles for it. In one of the cells Lossenthêl got pushed into were Elves. One was chained up and covered up, some kind of magic. Amber, who was very sick from not being near land, could sense some kind of magic from that young elf. Lossenthêl had come into her magic to this, a reality that humans feared magic possibly more so than Elves. Is this what her parents feared? Why they forced her to learn of human gods not of Elven ones or a good chunk of Elven culture?

Lossenthêl tried making conversation with the Elves, but just like the ones at Matorca court these ones scoffed then ignored her too when she asked if they were from small villages too. Without her bow, her sword, or even her amulet and stone Lossenthêl felt scared but she silently kept it in so only Amber could know if Amber wished to.

It was probably the anger that got her through it or perhaps it was the new friend she made in Amber, her magic teacher. Lossenthêl kept thinking of that amulet and Amber’s stone. She valued it so much she offered Slyri roughly 200 gold or all of her current gold just to get that Amulet back and keep it safe. Slyri did just that.

Knowing her amulet was safe gave her a hope that they might survive this. She was angry but she was smart enough to stay quiet. Pergale must have a clue on how to escape this. Lossenthêl wanted to kill that Noble that shot the captain and ordered the capture. She was livid on how they would kill and capture the Elves. Those ships must’ve been dwarf magic.

So as strong as they were on the Sea, they weren’t so much on land. For as those who could still walk such as herself were all chained to the backs of caravans heading Isha knows where, they were squishy when compared to…

A giant beast creature Slyri referred to as an Ogre…and that they don’t talk.

This beast put fear in the eyes of many who saw it. It made paste-mist of the Army that captured them. She thought it was a Beastman from the way it plowed through the forest and right into the men. It may as well been. Then it had called for their names. Whatever it was, Lossenthêl was encourage to fight.

She had poked one of the soldiers but pretty much did nothing as Rika just killed her three while the big thing cleared the battlefield pretty quickly of enemies. All the while Lossenthêl placed herself between the Elves and the big beast. Pergale freed Lossenthêl to fight and she was very thankful for that considering she bruised her wrists trying to get free.

Somehow someway the Elves that previously weren’t talking to her had accepted her in a sense. At least for a conversation, it was long overdue and very pleasant. For the big Ogre and his army of men led them to a hidden enclave of humans in the middle of the forest. In a way it reminded her of home long ago. Amber was happy at least.

The one elf of the three that would talk to her was called Elonil, Son of Hadril, of the Silver Isles. She hoped to do more conversation with this Elven man. He seemed nice. Her father, if he were alive today would not let this conversation take place.

I found 'em!
I did it!

After smashing who knows how many caravans apart, freeing prisoners, I finally found the ones I was looking for: Lossenthel, Pergale, and Sylri! Lossenthel is an elf who is totally obsessed the locations of her belongings and wants to go to the woods. Pergale has some Strigani ritual scarification that looks to be old enough to indicate heritage and talks at length to everyone who isn’t me. Sylri is a . . . child? Are halflings just human children? Surely not. Right? Yeah. Right? Or is she a female dwarf? Asking would be terribly embarrassing. I’ll just keep an ear out for now.

Well, I found ‘em and brought ’em back to Warden’s camp and now they’re back in Warden’s camp! Safe and sound! They wanna go talk to important people about allying with the Border Princes and then stop for a stroll in the magic woods.

Oh, and we seem to have acquired a Mmmf, who is following my charges around but isn’t on my list. She’s another . . . dwarf? Seems to have the bar set low with regard to her expectations from the day. “Survival,” she says. I think that perhaps she has just finished with some traumatic experiences and that her goal should become a re-establishment of joy in the simple pleasures in life. We’ll work on getting her there. And once she is comfortable enough to remember how to want, we’ll see what her true aims are.

I should really corner that Pergale at some point and find out what she wants, other than to talk to important people on behalf of other people.

I wonder if my clan’s found the other Maw or if they’re slacking off. They better hope I don’t get wind of it. I’m busy doing this.

We can leave Matorca? Really?
I want to participate in that Archery Contest though...

So she went to the Alsinor house for advice on how to be pretty to prepare for the Archery Contest, hopefully look decent and respectful in the case there were actual Elven men there. One could hope.

But what ended up happening was a defense of the Alsinor house from a string of assassination attempts and then a discovery of treasure which was being counted and split up. Oh and did one mention the cursed chest with evil magic leaking from it? Scruffy received a new mission and carry said chest to the Witch Hunter on a ship somewhere.

The servants were terrified; mostly of Pergale but matched nearly equally with Rika. Pergale is very diplomatic yet Rika, not so much. Somehow Lossenthêl ended up with a wine bottle in her hand and was expected to set up something for a meeting? Ok the only thing she knew that alchohol was served in was big beer mugs. So big beer mugs of wine it was!

Lossenthêl was frustrated and bored with this long talk. If she didn’t stay to do the Archery contest, more than likely Humphrey would be a mockery and it wouldn’t do well for Mariah; the stress would probably kill her if not the child within her.

She did look forward to seeing the Athel Loren again. She made a vow to that forest and it was a vow she intended to keep. The death of the Athel Loren would be the death of the planet and the begining of the end for Elves and Fey everywhere as well as Man, halfling and Dwarf.

She remembered trouble too. Before the attack on her village of Bullarn, it was to be her last year to enter the Harvest Faire. She was going to participate in that Archery Contest too. But sadly never got the chance because of the attack. It doesn’t feel like it’s been thirty years. It feels like a few years yes but not thirty autumns.

If they did enter the Athel Loren there was a chance those who came with her, Lossenthêl, to that beautiful but deadly forest. Well there was a chance they wouldn’t see Humphrey or Mariah again because the years could go by fast, different from the rest of the world.

Amber never responded to Lossenthêl’s question, probably distracted. Soon it would be time.

Adventure Awaits Them

Looks like the time off is over. Well, thank you for giving me some time to recover. Time to get serious about this new lifestyle, it seems.

It started like a fairly normal morning. I was trying to make some arrangements that sounded good to me and would therefore probably be political suicide, just like every other day. All of a sudden, everybody’s at our house, there are scorpions in our bed, spiders in our cellar, a dead girl in our stable, and Maria’s been poisoned while at court! I ran to go get more doctors to help court while Pergale saved Maria. I’m sure they’ll find a way to pin this on me, but I can’t say that I particularly care. Their catty, petty nonsense doesn’t end even in the face of death.

Now, it turns out that there was some kind of evil statue in a box in a box in our basement and that’s why the puppet spiders were here. So Scruffy’s taking it to the witch hunters and the others are going somewhere to do something. I wasn’t entirely clear on the details. I have a lot on my mind just now.

Is our child all right?

We need to cover up that girl’s death, or at least cover up that it happened here. Her poor family. They deserve the opportunity to mourn their daughter.

What is it going to take to get those holes in our yard fixed?

Will anything else be coming here for that box or will they follow Scruffy to the Empire?

How many armies of this world war are going to try and use Matorca?

Were the doctors able to save the nobles?

What does it mean if they weren’t?

Who would dare try a poisoning on this scale?

Is our dinner party still on? We might have to delay that again.

Is the tournament still on?

Who was in charge of that?

What do we do if they died?

We need to withdraw Lossenthal’s sponsorship paperwork.

We also need to find a new physician for Maria.

Things keep happening to our staff. We should do something special for them to express our appreciation.

I do hope the steward survived. He may hate me, but I don’t know what happens if he’s gone.

I will be praying for the others during their adventure. I have to be here to help settle this city that is our home. I don’t think they’ll hold that against me. I hope not. I’ll write. I think they can probably read. Pergale can, right? Yeah. Yeah, she has all those books. Of course.

At least Theo said something about hiring somebody to meet them when their ship arrives. I wonder who he got.

Spiders and Scorpians...Who's the evil Hunter?
All I wanted was to find out how to be pretty...

It started as another typical day in the typical desert City of lying conniving Nobles trying to advance over other lying conniving nobles. Lossenthêl hated being stuck here with nothing to do as then her thoughts become questions. Leaving the city to talk to Amber, she had a momentary lapse and began talking to Amber asking questions on how an Elf was supposed to be pretty to be impressive while forgetting she couldn’t understand Amber which frustrated the Nature Spirit following her.

Lossenthêl decided that perhaps a good person to ask was Humphrey’s wife Mariah and started off towards the castle area where there was court in session. Common sense had gotten the better of her and she realized asking Mariah in court on how to be beautiful would be an embarrassment to all who were involved.

Instead she decided to head off to the Alsinor Residence and wait for Mariah to come home from court. She was greeted by some of the staff and after about 30 minutes of waiting became incredibly bored and then inquired about a safe place she could practice her Archery. One of the staff helped by setting up something with hay bales and the young elf spent about an hour shooting her bow before hearing a scream.

She sprinted into the building and found two servants upstairs in the master bedroom, one with a wound from a scorpion’s sting. She was quick to treat the wound before any of it’s nasty effects could rear their ugly head. Outdoor Survival taught her you NEVER wanted that. She commanded the healthier servant to go find Humphrey and get him back now.

She then tried to kill the scorpions but the spring frame of the master bed was super bouncy and only irritated the scorpions so she got stung a few times but thankfully no wet sting. After the initial failure, she gathered the scorpions into a glass jar where they began to kill and eat each other.

Coming downstairs, Lossenthêl ended up meeting with a good chunk of her friends who had just finished slaying dog sized undead spiders. They injured some members of the party including Pergale. Lossenthêl was quite upset that Pergale got hurt and even more upset that this all happened here. Thankfully Pergale had an anti venom kit as well and was able to heal herself and others.

Pergale and Lossenthêl ended up exploring the outside of the residence looking for the missing servant as all the suspects, the staff, are under suspicion. Pergale’s snake, Anise, ended up pointing Pergale out a body of a young teenage servant girl. It was the same girl that helped her set up an archery target only an hour prior but she was cold not warm like she would of been of a fresh kill.

Heading back to the Alsinor Residence, Pergale took charge about the multiple attempts of assassination and the little servant boy who was smitten with the now-dead teenage servant dropped to his knees and cried. For whatever reason, Lossenthêl went and comforted the boy who ended up staying by her side for most of the time afterwards.

Lossenthêl suspected that the assassin was hidden among the servants and she did check the boy out really good with her glances to make sure the long needle used on the servant girl wasn’t on the boy. She wanted to get rid of the assassin and didn’t trust the food at all at this point for it could all be poison.

Lossenthêl didn’t like this one bit and she was eager to kill the remaining vampire and also the necromancer to get this to stop.


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