On the Border of Princes and Kings

Headie you're in so much trouble!
Mess clean up! Fetch quest! Nobody can drive a cart!

Unbelievable! Headie managed to track her, Lossenthêl, down while she was enjoying her vacation FAR away from Matorca and it’s infuriating dress up nobility. She liked to think of herself as being someone hard to find out in the wild but No…she got tracked down by a hireling of Headie and had to come back from her well deserved vacation.

Said Hireling made sure to run off much to the annoyance of her, something about witch hair again as Lossenthêl wasn’t expecting to be called back and was just enjoying not having to worry about dying her hair every week.

On her way back to Matorca she came across Gross-feet Cat Bugler Sylri. And being typical bitchy, wouldn’t let the halfling ride with her until she cleaned herself up particularly her feet.

They traveled back to Matorca on the back of Amelia, Lossenthêl’s new horse and possibly only real friend. Ever since she aquired Amelia, she treated the magnificent creature as a friend and not a beast of burden. Humans bread these magnificent creatures as broken will slaves not as true companions like the Noble Asrai or even those High Elves.

Amelia never gawked at Lossenthêl’s hair, something the young elf had to learn to be conscious off. Humans were so viscious.

Well they get back to town to find the boys waiting on them for the meeting. There was Clank Clank the drunk, the idiot squire and the giant human, all gathered around the grey beardless one.

Headie….Headie lost valuable stuff and after expressing her anger at him, she directed it at the idiocic human who after about a year of traveling and adventuring with…was somehow surprised that Lossenthêl could actually track out in the Wilderness…….

She actually considered Clank Clank the Stumpy one to be more intelligent than the human who-wants-to-be-knight

And despite this knowledge, the males let the females lead again. Ladies first? Except that the three were kinda lost without her and somehow managed to catch up to them later after Sylri and her learned some things about Beinard and how uncomfortable he was leaving with his companions.

Beinard was a trained veteran noble/duelest person and could handle himself in a fight and he was also loyal to Headie. Yet he just disapeared. Lossenthêl ended up finding the spot he was buried in after the boys found some caravans burnt and looted.

Headie apparently had some false gold for his promised shipment to two buyers that he promised real gold to, and weapons.

Lossenthêl helped the group point out stuff in the Caravan area while Sylri was looking for valuables again. A halfling-cat bugler…how original…..the whole race where a bunch of little thieves for the most part.

And then Sylri had to go under a very unbalanced wagon and nearly get herself killed. She trudged through a rotted dead man’s remains looking for Shinies and came out from under the wagon just before it fell down which would of killed her too like the dead guy.

Sylri the stinky smelling idiot, do anything for a shiny trinket. Worse than a dwarf in his lust for gemstones.

Well the group continued on, with Lossenthêl in the lead following the trails. It was made much easier because of all the littered fake-gold and armor pieces as well as the fact that wagons don’t go through soft sand too well so tracks were abound.

Accidently following an old trail as she confused it, Lossenthêl quickly made her and the group’s way back to the main path before practically stumbling on the caravan with six unarmored and very tired people.

Lossenthêl had grabbed Sylri and got them both out of the way before she readied her bow. When one of the humans came up over the hill, he drew his sword and shouted at his friends “Hey!” before Lossenthêl fired a single arrow at the man which hit him in his arm. That man was very lucky to be alive.

After a quick skirmish, Sylri was able to calm the people down before Clank Clank and idiot Squire intimidated most of the group of humans to abandon the over-filled wagon. That poor horse. The other one with the squished dead man was killed because the horse broke its leg.

The man who didn’t run away stayed to tell of a story of a Man named Gault who lead a band of 50 mercenaries who were formally military. When missions dried up they robbed caravans before Beinard killed most of them and then forced the rest to work under him or face death. The man said that Gault has the other carriage of trade goods and was probably the one who killed Beinard or had Beinard killed.

In any case the people left and they managed to get one carriage and a horse. All this in a month since they left Matorca.

And her hair is acting up again so she had to dye it again. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

When It Rains It Pours
...and no one knows that better than us.

Six weeks.

It’s been six weeks since you’ve all been back to Matorca. Now you’re home again, either by road or by sea. You had been on a well earned vacation from work – successful work too – when Headie sent pidgeons to collect everyone. Apparently a debt had been called in and he was on the spot to pay up. Now you find yourself in familiar territories.

The Guildhall awaits, and it MUST have been important for Headie to call you back from your holiday.


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