On the Border of Princes and Kings

Elves, Armies and... Royalty?!

It had been a long time since Lossenthêl had spoken with the Elves of the Athel Loren and yet here they were. The last time she had spoken to the Asrai was ten years prior, nearly ten harvests ago.

The small Elven group consisted of Wayfinders lead by Coeth. He wasn’t much older than Lossenthêl but she greeted him as an elder to herself with respect. He was also quite attractive, something she didn’t speak to him. She wished to warn them right away regarding the Beastmen but he spoke first.

He spoke as if he met her before, or at least heard of her, but it was how he addressed her that would go to confuse not just the both of them but perhaps all who understood Eltharin.

He refferred to her as being from House Kel’Tarn, due to her mother’s amulet she wore proudly on her chest. Lossenthêl believed it to be the symbol of Isha and Kuronous, which Coeth confirmed it was. He was also confused as to why she was outside the Athel Loren and Lossenthêl had to steer the conversation away from her being confused with nobility to the massive herdstone and Beastmen army. To be honest the talk of being a Noble greatly confused her.

While the information was being translated, Lossenthêl drew them a map of the Beastmen location using the secret sign coded language of the Scouts and Rangers, the only way she knew to Read and Write. She was secretly happy they were so nice to her compared to last time, it was a breathe of relief from the constant racist-fear of the Brettonian humans.

When it was done, Lossenthêl was a bit sad to see them leave but wished them to be safe, Amber was just as confused as Lossenthêl was. Pergale was a bit mad based on something that Lossenthêl had said in regards to humans. For when Pergale had suggested an ambassador of the Wood Elves, Lossenthêl could only think of how she had been treated in the Brettonian courts up to that point. To be perfectly fair, if she got treated that way, the human courts would probably kill or try to kill a genuine wood elf Ambassador. Lossenthêl was referring to Human nobility and not all humans in general, something she had to explain to Pergale who was upset that Lossenthêl was generalizing humans. Lossenthêl had to explain that the only good part about Brettonia she could respect were the Herrmaults.

Then they travelled back to the half destroyed fort to see the human’s army. More specifically it seemed all of the Brettonian military had gathered at that one location. Pergale and Lossenthêl both went for a bath, a long and wonderful bath were they spoke and Lossenthêl admiited the only hood thing about Brettonia were the harremaults. Lossenthêl didn’t know what to think about what Wayfinder Coeth said and was genuinely confused. She did want to know though.

Back in court where they were greeted by the sight of the King of Brettonia, Lossenthêl was distracted by what Coeth had said and didn’t put on much of a good impression. She was also irritated that the court didn’t believe the Elves would show up but they did in the form of beautiful Spellweaver who was even more Sassy than Lossenthêl and did it in a way that didn’t start a war with the nobles. However almost every Brettonian in the room save for ones called Grail Knights pulled their weapons in intent on harming the Spellweaver just like Lossenthêl predicted but at least their King stopped it. He seemed like he was flirting with the Spellweaver.

This same woman would go on to take Lossenthêl on a journey of what this woman claimed Lossenthêl was born to be. And it started when Lossenthêl had wandered over to this Elven Spellweaver, her many spites flying by her side, and introducing herself to her. “You have remarkable patience my fair lady, I would of told the humans off long ago” This made the Spellweaver smile and like Wayfinder Coeth, this Spellweaver addressed Lossenthêl from being from House Kel’Tarn.

The Spellweaver had asked the young Spellsinger to tell her what she remembered. Lossenthêl remembered feeling home the moment she had entered the part of the Athel Loren where she met the Prince. She spoke of how she was raised on Human Culture not of Elven ones and how she was saved and spared. Also how she never developed the racial hatred of Dwarves as most Elves apparently did but instead developed a hatred of much of the human nobility and culture that operates on fear mongering.

The Spellweaver then offered the Spellsinger to take the younger elf on a walk. Lossenthêl readily agreed, eager to be free of this horrible court and their elf-fearing ways. In mere seconds they were miles away from the Castle and Lossenthêl felt this amazing breathe of fresh air. The Spellweaver opened up a secret way, a hidden way, one of magic and nature. The trees were hollow and their were Spites everywhere.
Pergale would love this. However Lossenthêl in the back of her mind knew this had to be secret.

Amber was happy, for when the Spellweaver asked her how she felt and Amber responded with that she wasn’t sure if she could ever come back here. Lossenthêl was amazed at this place and she began asking questions like if she could do this. The Spellweaver confirmed that Lossenthêl could do this, that it was her birthright. Lossenthêl didn’t understand how this was her birthright but this place made her so happy and she was just taken aback in the awe of it.

It was here that the Spellweaver told Lossenthêl of her family’s history. Apparently the Prince that she had met, his father was responsible for killing the family Lossenthêl never knew. Lossenthêl had two sisters and two brothers that she never knew about and parents who quite possibly loved them. It was hard for an Elf to have children, so to have five was unheard of. At yet the other Nobles grew tired of how Lossenthêl’s family, the Kel’Tarns, were running their property. The destruction of much of the Kel’Tarn came swiftly. And yet even then the Spellweaver wasn’t sure how Lossenthêl survived. The younger Elf didn’t know the answer but deep down hoped that her adopted family, the only family she has ever known, were alive and could tell the answer to that question. Secretly Lossenthêl wondered about Nuln and, that according to Danzig, her mother’s amulet and family crest was seen at the city in the Empire,

The Spellweaver seemed happy to have found Lossenthêl, and had invited the young Spellsinger to the Athel Loren’s Royal-Court where the Nobles would be meeting up. Secretly, Lossenthêl dreaded going to court if it was in anyway like the Human Court and the Ulthuan court. However Lossenthêl of Bullarn, no Lossenthêl Kel’Tarn, wanted to take her family’s home back. For the first time in a long time she had cried when she learned of her family’s fate. She was denied not one but two family burials and twice she was made an Orphan to her knowledge. It was the first time she learned that Elves could be evil and cruel. According the the Spellweaver, it was necessairy from time to time and yet even so the Prince’s father turned out to be a worse ruler than the Kel’Tarns at least that was how it was explained.

Lossenthêl wanted to ride into this battle as she was and not hidden, so she asked the Spellweaver if she could enter the Athel Loren to bathe in its magical waters to release the hair dye from her hair. The Spellweaver, without flinching, had stated to Lossenthêl that her hair was already back to normal. For the moment they entered this magical realm where Nature travels was the moment where all hair dye was erased from Lossenthêl’s own hair. The young Elven lass was ever so thankful and didn’t know how best to express to the magical forest the magical wood her sincerest most thanks.

As for the Lord that killed her family…Lossenthêl would love to kill this man, but the Prince had showed the young Spellweaver honor and had spared her life. It was because of this Prince she couldn’t kill this Lord unless this Lord left her no choice. To the spare the Lord was a puzzle in its own right. However before she could adequatly think, the Spellweaver bid Lossenthêl farewell for now as she had to leave to prepare for the battle while Lossenthêl did the same. Amelia, Lossenthêl’s silver grey dapple white mane mare, would have to accompany Lossenthêl to the Athel Loren as well as Amber for Lossenthêl to leave. For Lossenthêl would want to take her family with her.

What happened that day, Lossenthêl would remember it for a long time to come possibly for the rest of her life. No, she would remember this for the rest of her life and how amazed she was. Silently she looked at the Spites and mentally spoke in Arcane Elven thanking them and in her silence she had reaffirmed her vow to protect the Athel Loren. For this made her Vow ever so much stronger.

Two weeks was all they would receive for the Final Battle. Two weeks of getting stronger. Two weeks of training. Just two weeks. However Amber was there as were the others. Lossenthêl offered a prayer to the dieties she knew. She didn’t like the wait and hoped the forest would be fine. For that Herdstone was dangerous.

Battle of the Beasts pt. 2 And friends!

The battle had been joined by two Minotaurs and four Centagores. The two Minotaurs had charged, moving several meters faster than most beasts Lossenthêl has seen. She remembered at least one in the raid against her village of Bullarn so long ago. It had been distracted by some farm hands that tried in vain to fight it.

Lossenthêl saw it fall only to be replaced by another. However it had been a Centagore that killed her mother. Lossenthêl was still upset with herself that she couldn’t save her mother, her family or her village. Having to go through great lengths to survive that horrible autumn night, including having to bathe in manure at one point to evade death and having a brief time to get clean of that, she was focused on killing those beasts today.

At some point during the battle, Timon had abandoned Ayill to her fate to two of the Centagores. That was something Lossenthêl drew issues with but focused on the battle and soon task at hand. Timon silently challenged the Elven Ranger-turned-Spellsinger’s ability to protect Pergale, dumped on her honor, and left their new young sister Ayil alone. Lossenthêl’s mother, Lady Idhrendîs, was alone by choice and the young elf still but a child couldn’t save her from the horde that came.

Between her younger sister Pergale and herself, they made short work of the first set of Centagours, which wasted Timon’s charge. However he didn’t go back to Ayill’s aide opting instead to join Glurg who was fighting the two Minotaurs. Again, Timon’s attack was wasted in comparrison and a small part of Karma bit him when Glurg killed both Minotaurs in less than 5 seconds by spraying their blood and gore all over Timon and his horse. Shiny silver became a sea of crimson gore.

The remaining Centagores tried to escape, but between Timon, Pergale and Lossenthêl were unable to. Taken down between magic, arrow and sword. Well it was mostly Arrow and Magic. Shortly after killing all of the beastmen in the immediet vicinity, Lossenthêl followed their tracks while Glurg tried to destroy a stone. If Lossenthêl didn’t have such tunnel vision to protect the Athel Loren, the fey in general and the Noble Asrai, she might’ve thought it funny of the strange Rock-Paper-Linen Glurg played. Beastmen beat Rock to make Herdstone, Glurg beat Beastmen rather easily and viciously, Rock-almost-herdstone beat Glurg.

Lossenthêl followed the trail and the forest opened up to her while Amber guided her. Amber had to stay nearby Lossenthêl otherwise the corrupting magic would kill her or worse. Following it closely, staying out of sight of the herd, the young elf soon came across the Army with the largest Herdstone the fresh Spellsinger had ever seen. Easily taller than many human cottages, reaching four stories tall and tied together in strange twisted magic.

Surrounding this evil necromatic stone where three Beastmen generals:

The first, a robed shaman who’s own weight was supported by his unique staff that had three distinct chaotic circles at the top.

The second, some kind of iridescent purple clad warrior that looked more nimble than the other two and he carried a whip.

The Third, a hulking massive creature that wielded two great axes one in each hand. He was covered in spikes and from what she could see, was possibly taller than Glurg.

The three were arguing about something and Lossenthêl didn’t know what. She did, however, see a human though walking among the Beastmen appearing to be giving some orders. The three Beastmen generals were weary of him and wouldn’t come within ten feet of him. This human was unique, for he had been described to her before when he attacked Pergale in some kind of magic-mediation-mindfuck. Only he was old decrepted and very undead. He weilded the golden scepter that was stolen from the Brettonians which caused this war.

Lossenthêl knew she had to get this information back to Pergale and the rest, which she did. Pergale knew she had to see with her own eyes and good thing too as Pergale knew more about magic than the young elf and could possibly identify things Lossenthêl couldn’t. Ayill could identify things too; for each of the three followed different magical paths that brought much knowledge to the group.

Glurg had to be left behind a good distance where he proceeded to traumatize a horse albeit unintentionally or intentionally, but who knows with that Ogre.

Timon, seeing the horde and his people’s sacred land poisoned and trashed, was seething to get his hands on all of the violators responsible. Like Lossenthêl he knew an army was needed for this. More than one Army, Lossenthêl knew she had to inform the elves of the Athel Loren.

Regrouping far away from the Beastmen horde to discuss plans, all were in agreement that Lossenthêl needed to be the one to inform the Elves of the Athel Loren, the Noble Asrai, to the cause and hopefully receive their aide. And during the journey back to the Duke of Carcasone over the three of four days it would take, Lossenthêl traveled to the Athel Loren to look for signs of the Asrai.

Night after night she would return with news of having not been able to find the Wood Elves of the Lorelorn, Athel Loren, forest. For she weaved herself just within the Athel Loren, a little further each time, but not too far in. For it was because she wouldn’t want to leave the magical forest if she went too far in and also because Pergale and the others needed her.

She went in with Amber on her shoulder and the magical web displayed around her. Yet each night was disappointed in not being able to find even one of the Noble Asrai. Then, roughly the evening before they were to arrive before the Duke of Carcasone’s partially demolished fort-castle, Lossenthêl returned with yet again another failed attempt at trying to establish contact with the Elves of the Athel Loren.

Then out of nowhere twelve of them appeared each one with an arrow cocked and aimed ready to fire at the group. They were surrounded. Lossenthêl was amazed and also dismayed at getting the group surround.

The battle with the Beasts pt1

They knew they were going to war, to fight within it just to find out what was causing it. What power person or creature was causing men and orcs to look like Beastmen. The sky the Earth, it trembled out of fear and death. Having leaving their horses behind, for Lossenthêl it was for the horses safety, movement was slower and more discrete. Well as discrete as it could be trailing behind the large Ogre mother man thing.

The forest…it felt sick and dying. What wasn’t sick and dying was already dead. The closer and closer they got to this source, the more fearful the fey had become and were fleeing. It was pure fear and terror and they fled fast not paying any attention the human Knight Timon and one of only two on a horse, the Elf Magician Ayill, the Human Tarot Reader Pergale with her horse, Ogre Mother Glurg, A possible invisible Slyri halfling, and of course the Ranger Lossenthêl freshly awakened to the magical world.

It was a prayer from the heart to the Elven God of the Hunt, Kurnous. In the language her elder sister taught her. To the others it was a mumble of a language they didn’t know. To her it was an awakening feeling and also a promise. She hated Beastmen and they were poisoning the Athel Loren. The only reason she didn’t rush off to that forest was because they had to track that something or someone responsible for the pollution of dark evil magic, the scourge of taint on the land.

Ayill was better at hiding and sneaking than Lossenthêl and she scouted ahead of Glurg. Lossenthêl was off in the woods a little and heard Glurg calling out for her to come back to the group. She came a little closer and was able to hear Ayill speak a description Lossenthêl knew to be a Heard Stone. It would be very, very bad if that thing were finished with…whatever they were doing to built it and they had to be stopped.

Not long after they soon found a Beast Shaman and his guards. It was to be a fight, a fight that wouldn’t stop after they killed some of them. Lossenthêl knew, she knew their were always more. Being out in the open wouldn’t be good. Lossenthêl did something she hadn’t done prior to this. She found the evil Shaman and casted a spell at him which succeeded in growing thorns in her body. It succeeded and it made that beast angry.

That shaman did the most damage to Glurg with some kind of blood spell to the Ogre but Lossenthêl would soon loose sight of the Shaman due to Timon and his horse. Later, the Shaman would cast a spell to be his undoing. It summoned demons while Lossenthêl was trying to go around to pelt the Shaman with arrows. Glurg killed one with relative ease while Lossenthêl critically injured another and moved away.

In the fight, Ayill had dissapeared somewhere in the groups of trees still standing. And in the fight, the black mist that the Shaman had summoned which affected both Pergale and Lossenthêl and warped Pergale’s horse causing the beast to grow thick matted fur and suffer in pain. Pergale would go on to dispell the curse surrounding the beast so it wouldn’t suffer or mutate anymore.

Thank goodness for the mental training required to tap the energies of Gryrann and the magic that be. It’s what saved both Pergale and Lossenthêl. The surviving demons including the injured one grabbed the Shaman and pulled him under and Lossenthêl coudln’t see what’s left. But the death of him and the dissapearance of the the Shaman, she could feel it wasn’t over. Lossenthêl knew this battle wasn’t over.

Blessed Kurnous of the hunt and Blessed mother Isha, Lossenthêl offered silent prayer in wanting to fight to kill these invaders and protect her future home.

Travel to the front
Keep your paws off my secrets, dammit

The ride to the front has been uneventful, but for one exception. The elf mage Lossenthël, I now know, carries with her a fey pet, a frightening creature, she is the size of a small cat, with the torso of a woman and the lower half of a spider. I nearly slew it when it first appeared. If Lossenthël had not threatened me, and spoken of the strange creature as her “sister”, I might have. The elves of Athel Loren have always been strange. She will no doubt fit right in. She calls the unnatural creature Amber. I have so far been able to avoid her company when Amber is around.

After days of travel, and several interesting conversations with Lady Pergale, we received word from the Warden. We turned south toward a fort held by Brettonia. On our way we came across the remains of a battle. The dead lay in piles, orcs and men, but mostly orcs. The largest pile of corpses had been fired, which did not dissuade Glurgg from wading into it in search of unburnt meat. We tried to stop him, but he is unmoved by pleas when his hunger calls. In this case, it was to our benefit, for when he bit into the orc he discovered that it was not what it seemed. Some sort of glamour had been cast, and made BEASTMEN to look like orcs. This is dark magic indeed that draws an army of disguised beastmen to our fair land. We must warn the Duke of Carcassone.

We pressed on to the fort, and discovered the duke himself was there, along with a Maiden of the Lake and a large contingent of men. The fort is in ruins, but it holds for Brettonia. The Duke and the Maiden spoke at length with my companions while I went to speak with the scout master and shared our intelligence, and that of the Warden’s Herrimaults, with him. I did not tell him where our information came from, of course.

I was summoned from my meeting to attend on the Duke. When I arrived he was speaking with the ladies, and Glurgg, about visions, nightmares, that all of them seem to have shared about two weeks prior. When he asked if I had any such vision, I truthfully answered no. My sleep has been undisturbed for many moons. But to my shock, the Lady Lossenthël spoke up and told him I HAD had a vision. She revealed my quest vision to him, and I was forced to confirm it to him in front of all. I had hoped to speak with him in private and inform him of my new status, not be laid bare in front of all and sundry. I am appalled and embarrassed, but at least now my Leige knows that I follow the Lady’s path. In the meantime, I think I shall keep any other secrets to myself for the near future. Lady Lossenthël seems to think it healthy to share everything.

Tomorrow, we make for the front. And seek the death of a necromancer.

Human's Pride and their Prejudice
Caused this Apocalyptic War

‘Oh have I forgot to mention I hate Brettonia? No well there you go ladies and gentlefolk. This nation is so proud their very pride blinds them!’

What a ridiculous adventure! From capture to partial slavery to a rescue from a smelly well spoken Ogre to her whole self from language to culture to dreams being spat on by arrogant humans, Lossenthêl couldn’t help but get angrier and angrier at thus ‘Culture’ Called Brettonia.

Ever since their arrival Pergale has changed and Lossenthêl isn’t sure if that is for the better. And that hurt Lossenthêl tremendously.

However there is only so much the young elf will allow herself to swallow. Sir Timon reached for his blade and attempted to go after Amber when Lossenthêl finally channeled her into reality. Because this does little to stem Lossenthêl’s views that humans would rather jump and kill something they found different rather than understand it. Honor-less and barbaric.

This action had Lossenthêl seething but she kept face as throughout the weeks of traveling, Her only constant friend other than her borrowed steed was Amber who allowed herself to be called for times of comfort but didn’t like to stay in this world for long.

During their travels they came across a mass grave. Sylri, Lossenthêl, Timon, Glurg, Ayill, Rika and Pergale all traveled together and all saw this together. Glurg went into the mass looking for something that wasn’t scorched to a crisp by fire. He found an Orc and bit into it, only to spit it up to show that it was a Beastman.

Lossenthêl could see how much magic was on this but nothing the others did got rid of the magic. Just Glurg being Glurg exposed the truth for what it was. Athel Loren was in grave danger and this evil planned to destroy Brettonia just to get to the Athel Loren. The world was in grave danger and whatever this was it had a lot of planning and possibly artifacts of immeasurable power.

And Timon had to go say something stupid question about this war to which Lossenthêl responded with her honesty. She spoke of everything bad about Humans, and the worst part none of it was lies for it was she knew of them.

And now they arrived to another Lordling’s establishment. This one had seen a massive battle, like something exploded within. Some kind of bad establishment. A Duke Huebald resided here with what was left of his men. He was a man laced in magic with glowing eyes. Some kind of Holy Warrior, a Grail Knight. Timon made all in the group aware to treat this man with respect. He gave his favor to Pergale and left to do something while the rest of the group including Lossenthêl spoke with Duke Huebald.

Pergale began the conversation with Duke Huebald who greeting them with what Lossenthêl considered a false smile. A smile that spoke that he knew he was a powerful man and he considered if this group was a threat. For two stood out in this group and that was Lossenthêl herself and Glurg the Ogre that threw 10 barrels of food.

Easily the two of them alone could be considered more dangerous than the others in the room solely because of one reason: Prejudice. Lossenthêl was made well aware that she represented something humans feared. And Glurg was an Ogre whom even Lossenthêl aimed an arrow at in the beginning.

Lossenthêl got increasingly more and more upset as Pergale wasn’t getting to the point. The humans needed to be aware of their prideful folly. Brettonia needed to be aware they were going to die if they didn’t face the facts that their preferable fear of magic and Elf-Shaming is responsible for Chaos having a free reign controlling them. And if Lossenthêl had to roar in their face about, so be it.

She started off quiet, like a rumbling of a volcanoe the grounds below shaking, warning, quiet rumbling. But she got louder. It wasn’t long before she had Duke’s full attention and she brought up key facts. The Night of Nightmares in early spring two and a half months ago and the fact all who were elf or connected to magic would of had a nightmare of sorts.

That was Lossenthêl having to prove herself the first time that night to the same man, whom she bowed to but not as low as Sir Timon. She got really angry at the young human Knight when he lied to Duke Huebald about not having a vision, when he did not two weeks prior and she volunteered that. Sir Timon having previously being forcefully-encouraged to join Duke Huebald’s court, a magical knight who wondered why the group carried his banner.

Not long after the discussion of the Night of Nightmares did another person make their presence known. A woman, a Maiden of the Lady, Duke Huebald’s companion but not in a romantic or sexual sense. She had long red hair and was wearing a long dress and she appeared from nothing. Lossenthêl saw her for what she is, a fey, a powerful fey who had the guise of a woman or rather is a women. Lossenthêl bowed before this woman as she would bow before the Noble Asrai and the fey of the woodland realm of Athel Loren. The woman noted how this was interesting.
The second time came when Lossenthêl spoke more on the magic that she suspected was involved in the current destruction. And that was her older sister, Amber,

Lossenthêl brought up another key issue that could be related to the destructive black magic involved in Brettonia’s War, and that is sharing what Amber had told her of her own Magical forest. The Maiden of the Lady instantly used her magic and Amber appeared. Amber and the Maiden had a conversation in the language Amber taught and opened up to Lossenthêl- Arcane Elven. Only Lossenthêl understood the to fey’s conversation.

However before that conversation could begin Lossenthêl , upon Amber’s sudden summoning, jumped up from sitting down and got a distance away from Huebald and moved to protect Amber from him. She had good reason as Timon had already raised his sword to the fey. And strangely, Timon got up but not in a way to harm Amber but to put himself between her and his leige, Duke Huebald.

And the conversation commenced. When it was over, the Maiden spoke to Lossenthêl. It was an apology and then an admittance of the Maiden needing to prove Lossenthêl ’s story. It was the second time Lossenthêl had to prove herself that night.

That volcano spoken of earlier within Lossenthêl was now starting to erupt and steam was coming out of the vents.

Lossenthêl, perhaps in a way to cool off or perhaps prepare for the storm that was going to Overtake her soon, had inquired about her acceptance to the Elves of the Athel Loren. The Maiden did some magic and confirmed Lossenthêl’s story of how Lossenthêl wasn’t raised in Elvish culture but of Human culture and Lossenthêl was sick of it. Lossenthêl pondered about her hair as Duke Huebald spoke to Glurg. The Ogre ended up saying something to make Duke Huebald quick to silence as if the Duke didn’t want to admit to anything wrong.

And with the words of encouragment from Pergale and Timon about Lossenthêl’s hair, oh if only Timon knew… But after that the volcanoe was now ready to explode.

And it happened on the human lordling when Lossenthêl spoke of her wanting to go to the Athel Loren and save it. Duke Huebald made the mistake of begining to state his distrust and discomfort of the Athel Loren; which in Brettonian culture often meant treating the magnificent magical forest with dis-honor. Lossenthêl was quick to cut him off and in anger stood up to the Noble stating the honest and obvious: If Athel Loren dies, the world dies. The world ends when the Athel Loren ends.

Lossenthêl also made Pergale upset when Lossenthêl stated that The Maiden and Pergale had the same eyes but that Pergale’s was brighter. And while Lossenthêl did honestly feel bad about that she was still upset that Pergale and the others held onto information that could save many people’s lives.

Lossenthêl hated secrets especially now that the Maiden confirmed something the young elf knew since she was eight: That her parents were keeping a secret from her and a life that she was robbed of.

Down south is where they were headed and Lossenthêl went to go use the Bailey Archery right after talking to Pergale. Down south to kill the dark mage or mages. Lossenthêl needed to make a prayer to Kurnous about a hunt and something worthy of involking his name for.

Fraught with Vision

They had all gone to prepare for their journey across Bretonia, leaving Pergale to her own devices. She watched peacefully as they all went to accomplish the various tasks they had set before the next day, and once they had gone turned to find Rika standing patiently beside her. The two had grown close since the horrible events in Matorca, and they had taken to depending on one another for the strength the other had.
Rika took Pergale’s hand in hers as they heard the other depart, “Do you think you’ll get to see your home?”
“If fate wills it. I would like to meet my parents and my brother. Perhaps even my sister.”
“They might be dead by the time we reach it.”
“If fate wills it. I will consult my cards. I haven’t since we left Matorca.”
“I will stay, then.”
Pergale’s heart swelled and she smiled with her eyes. Her and Rika embraced for a long time; a gesture that still seemed strange to the highwaywoman, but that, as Pergale was seeing in her, was becoming easier.

The two sat on the floor while Pergale produced the old, carve wooden box and unfolded soft velvet mat that she kept it in. She began her ritual as she always did, and soon the cards began to fall. She had not Seen in months and she could feel the power swell in her as she placed the first card; The Two of Swords Reversed, and her vision swam as the Gift unveiled.
As she placed the final card; The King of Wands, Pergale’s vision went black to the world around her as it blew away like so much sand on the wind. Then Fate did lay open and she saw a scepter of gold and lapiz lazuli, inlaid with rubies and emeralds; ancient and radiating with powerful raw Magic, and rejuvenating her with its energies.
The hand that took it up was cracked and ancient, black with rot and corruption, and the that it belonged to swelled with an aura of evil. The creature that used to be a man wore the clothing of someone well to do of Tilea, with perfectly coifed hair and fine hat, but it’s face was that of a withered and mummified corpse, and it’s eyes were a void into which time itself seemed to disappear.
Pergale’s eyes met the gaze of the ancient thing and held it as the two seemed to stare into each other’s souls for a moment, and the thing sneered it’s cracked, ancient, lips as it raised the scepter towards her. From around it shambled orcs and men, reaching and rushing towards Pergale.
She awoke with a shock, breathing the night air in deeply. The world had come crashing back in and the first thing Pergale saw was Rika’s worried face above her. She was laying on some bedding in Rika’s warm lap, and she reached for and held her friends cheek to help reassure her.
“I have seen the face of what is to come…and it has seen me… A black and withered man who wields a magical scepter, and leads the armies of Orcs and Men. He wears the clothing of the men of Tilea, and his skin is dried and dead. I have seen into the blackness of his soul…and he sees into me.”
Pergale breathed deeply before falling back into a deep and dreamless sleep. She could feel the power of the winds of magic ebbing within her as she did, swirling and reshaping fate into her and opening the multitude of possibilities of the Blue Wind of Azyr to her mind’s eye. To See as she had had changed something, fundamentally, in her.

She was woken with a jolt as Lossenthel shook her, and Pergale felt herself fall a few feet before landing on the bedding she had been laying on. She realized suddenly that in her sleep she had levitated off of the bed, and that Rika had gone somewhere in the meantime. Lossenthel was exclaiming about her hair, and Pergale found upon inspecting it that her hair had changed to a shock white and now glowed with a soft light. So, too, had the candles in the tent begun to burn like torches driven and in an unnatural light.
Lossenthel, Ayil, and Pergale channeled and calmed the Winds of Magic that rushed about the tent, and soon the candles burned with only the energy of the tallow with which they were made.
“I am changed, as so many of the Magisters of The Celestial Order,” thought Pergale, “I wonder how long it will be until my eyes turn blue or begin to glow, or for me to float as I walk. My Gift has been growing so much these last few months; I’m forced to wonder how much of a real danger I’ve become to those around me.”
Lossenthel had been screaming to draw the attention of Sir Timon in the meantime to guard the tent, but soon after she had regained her senses fully, Pergale bid him enter. Timon, however, was more taken aback with the sight of her than expected, and he fainted at the sight of Pergale’s glowing hair. He was, at the least, uninjured from his fall and she made sure that he would be comfortable and his honor uncompromised until he recovered.
Lossenthel went to recover the others, and soon after Rika and Glurg returned. Sir Timon soon recovered, and with it a wide eyed reaction that Pergale could only take as their faithful Knight of the Realm to having a vision of the Lady. He took a knee immediately to offer his sword and service, to swear fealty in service to her in the name of the Lady of the Lake.
“Strange, but perfectly chivalrous, and beautiful knight that you are,” She thought “Do you see the Lady in me, or did she truly grant you a vision of The Grail? Has she chosen her champion in you, Her Questing Knight, to lay down your lance and pick up Her banner? Perhaps Fate has made its will known…”
She could hear others coming; could feel them inside the back of her mind. Armed men, angry, and knew that she and her companions had worn their welcome out. Pergale wrapped her hair calmly and pulled up the voluminous hood she wore as her other companions prepared to receive the angry knights and men-at-arms.
“You do me honor, Sir Timon, and I do grant you to be my Champion and sworn sword. Please rise.”
They met the commotion of men that had surrounded the tent moments later, and though she did not understand the words that were spoken, she understood the tone and what was happening. Glurg had been responsible for a commotion in town, and had thrown food meant for the front into the town square. He, too, had had a vision from his god, The Maw, and because of it the knights were pressing their strange band to leave.

“What a strange night, and fraught with the Winds of Magic. Does our ogre, too, have Sight beyond normal men? Is he mad, perhaps, as I have heard most ogres are or has his god, also, spoken to him tonight? I have seen into the black pits of what is to come, perhaps even the gods fear where we are treading. Shallya protect us all.”
Pergale watched and questioned herself about the motivations of all who assembled in their journey that night. Fate had chosen, and the Winds of Azyr blew strong; pointing them all along their path.

The trouble of humans and Magic
I think I should of done things differently?

‘So I told the human knight that I have magic despite his significant stubbornness. His hand went to his sword on a near-predicatable instinctual level.’ Lossenthêl thought she was doing the right thing. However she must not be speaking in a language most can understand because they just interpret things differently.

She told Glurg about Pergale being an alchemist…which is true. Glurg interpreted that as Pergale being a Witch…which is also true. However when Lossenthêl admitted to Glurg about her own magic Glurg thinks Lossenthêl is a Witch too which isn’t true. Lossenthêl only talked to him briefly to clear some things up but it added confusion instead.

In this time Lossenthêl also told Amber that if some bad magic were about to run like before. Lossenthêl wasn’t expecting what is to come.

Lossenthêl bumped into Timon at the Bailey shortly after getting twenty five arrows from the Men at Arms people who all ran away from her after dealing with her. That part was nice it meant Lossenthêl would be left alone in a sense however she did want to say thank you because of Manners.

So she asked Timon how to say thank you in Breton because he wouldn’t thank them for her which was frustrating and after several minutes finally learned how to say Thank you in Bretton which she said to the Men at Arms who looked up and stared in unison before going back to whatever it is they were doing.

Shortly after that she spoke with Timon and attempted to warn him. During this time she felt he wasn’t taking her seriously. She admitted to him she grew up in the Empire and that the Elves don’t kidnap children otherwise they would of done so to the Imperials but the Imperials have this thing called Witchhunters. Not only that but she also admitted to being Magic and she wasn’t the only one in the group to be so but said no more than that. She did admit to wanting to join the Elves of the Lorelorn Athel Loren forest for they had both saved her life and spared her.

She went back to camp sometime after the talk with Timon and made some arrows before there was a commotion in Pergale’s tent. She headed for the tent to check up on Pergale only for Amber to alert Lossenthêl to something evil and magic. Lossenthêl’s instincts was to alert Timon to watch over the tent but not go in and then to fetch Glurg and Rika.

When she got back to the town she witnessed the end of Glurg’s tossing of Food Barrels and how angry it made the locals. She managed to tell the two of them about Pergale and all ran back with Rika being very concerned for Pergale’s health.

Lossenthêl told Pergale what she could about strange magic and Rika tried telling Lossenthêl that Pergale wasn’t magic. Thing was Lossenthêl knew Pergale was magic for a very long time and now she herself was magic.

When they got back to Pergale’s tent, Lossenthêl nearly ran into Glurg. He was faster than Lossenthêl and Rika and got there first to check up on Lossenthêl. Timon was in the tent, unconcious and Lossenthêl had to wonder…was this what humans meant when they said they have fallen hard for someone?

When Pergale woke, she spoke of something dangerous coming. Something evil, with a description of it being a him and undead carrying a golden weapon relic. It was this that got Lossenthêl to thinking that she said something to Amber that might have negative consequences. She had to speak with Amber directly.

Amber taught her magic and her Parents tought her honor. She had to bring Amber to existence so she could see Amber’s eyes and look into her like Timon did when he made a vow to protect Pergale of his holy quest. Hopefully there was a spot to do this.

The Lady Speaks

It has finally happened. My Lady has deigned to grace me with a vision, a holy quest to serve her.

I have lived in a dark place since the fall of Chateau Panique and the slaughter of my family. I thought vengeance was my purpose and swore to pursue it, and I have done so, despite my Knightly duties. But My Lady has shown me another purpose, a holy purpose. And it is with this strange group of women.

It must have been the Lady’s hand that sent Glurgg and his charges to me. I doubted it after my talk with Lossenthel. She disturbs me, with her blunt speech and her talk of magic. She told me she belonged with the Elves of Athel Loren. I can well believe it as her presence is uncanny and discomfiting, just like the fey elves who live in that wood. I can only hope I will become used to her. I must admire her sense of honor. She felt it necessary to warn me of her own magical nature and that of her companions. I will admit I hesitated in my resolve to accompany them after she told me. But that all changed after My Lady.

There was a hue and cry sent up by Lossenthel that something was wrong in Pergale’s tent. When I arrived she begged me to guard the tent, but not to enter. I can only assume she was fearful for Lady Pergale’s virtue. I might have been offended if the idea weren’t so laughable. But soon enough I heard voices from the tent and all sounded well. When I knocked and was bid enter, I was struck by the glorious light of the Lady. She came to me, granting me a vision of my purpose, and in the tradition of my fathers and their fathers before them, I will abandon all my wordly duties to follow her will. I will be a buffer between the forces of dark and light. I have pledged my sword and honor to the Lady Pergale and shall do all I can to accomplish what My Lady has directed me to do.

I have informed Lord De Harcourt’s knights of my new vow. They understand, but as Glurgg has managed to offend them by stealing barrels of food from the war effore, we have been asked to leave with all haste. That’s fine with me. Our quest awaits! May the Lady bless our travels.

In the Wake of the Vision


Witchhunt, Brettonian style.
You are not allowed honor if you are an Elf in Brettonia

‘Mom if you were alive today I would ask you why are humans so cruel and why must I be forced to learn their ways? You and father, even Flardryn my own brother forced me to learn the ways of the humans and their gods. Would the Brettonians brown their pants if they knew the biggest God to the Empire, Sigmar, was a Mortal man who married a Fey Enchantress?’

Lossenthêl hadn’t been on land for longer than two days and she already hated Brettonia. The Warden and his Merry Men, his ‘Harembolts’, had the most honour as a group of humans that she had seen in a long time. Working together and actively helping the people as well as being nice to her. Lossenthêl will admit that she would like to meet The Warden of the Wood and his Harembolts again if but to say thanks and possibly share tips.

Then there is Timon, Sir Timon de Bourguignon to be precise, who demands respect for the nobles even though Lossenthêl has seen the worst in them. And she tried inquiring about the Brettonian nobles with him as she wondered if they were like the nobles pretty much everywhere else particularly the Empire. What she got was a ‘HOW DARE YOU’ type of response from the Gruff Noble Knight with a strange enchanment-blessing type thing wrapped around his very aura yet the man wasn’t magical.

This made Lossenthêl angry as she had a hard time explaining and communicating as she is used to being a Hermit and being left alone. She did her best to tell what the Empire did to Bullarn, how they would rather sacrifice their citizenry rather than save them with an army. But with Timon’s rather typical prideful brutish response, a conclusion jumped to before listening to the full story, only made Lossenthêl shut down from further positive communication and just left her walled up and completely angry.

She stormed away from the Knight, something rather easy as he wears Heavy Armor and she wears light and thus she moves much faster than he does. She intended to go to the archery range her thoughts upset and frustrated that she tried to actually communicate in a more positive tone, and it was an honest question.

‘Mother, Father, why must one always step around glass when communicating with humans? I don’t spite Dwarves, for that stubborn race rarely leaves their home as a whole and the Halflings are just so happy usually. Elves have varied view points and if Uthuan are just a bunch of Pompous Elves then I shall not respect them as a whole and they must earn this respect individually. For the Asrai, the Noble Asrai, are truly the ones to respect. Yet the Humans…you say one bad thing and it’s all WITCH and WAR with them.’

It never failed with humans. In her youth, her father and brother would take her to the woods whenever the family got wind of a Witchhunter or an Elven Wizard nearby or within Bullarn. Lossenthêl’s mother, Lady Idhrendîs, would hold down the fort and could somehow talk down any investigation of ‘witchcraft’ the humans brought up usually out of spite. The Elves would want to take her away so that she may be brought up in her gift she never shown aside from her hair. The Witchhunters… well most of them just wanted to rape young children human or elf and then burn them at the stake when they couldn’t have their way.

Lady Idhrendîs the Wise, a woman with such an honoured title and name given to her by the people of Bullarn in the early days of their settlement. For even humans who spoke to her respected her. If not for Lady Idhrendîs keeping what peace she could, then Lossenthêl and her brother Flardryn may have never come to young adulthood. Lossenthêl’s father, Calegnaer, was quite possibly the most wild elf to meet and he could strike fear even in other elves. Needless to say Lossenthêl was very much single her whole life because of her father. Her father is mostly likely where Lossenthêl got her attitude from as well.

Lossenthêl’s thoughts were not in present day reality, for such was her anger and her frustration that EVERY HUMAN CITY had to be the SAME EXACT WAY with its people and its Nobles. She found an empty Target among the men practicing with their bows and decided to practice with them. She did this her typical way as well…simply by not asking for permission as she had become accustomed to in Matorca.

Insert either the Braviest ballsiest man or the stupidest Brettonian man in all of East Brettonia. If he was speaking in Trade Tounge, Lossenthêl couldn’t tell for it was a language she didn’t understand. And he was yelling in her face. Lossenthêl, already being in a foul mood, responded in her native tounge of Eltharin language of all Elves.

“Get out of my face, human. I’m just here to shoot my bow.” Lossenthêl spoke in Etharin and this man got the biggest look of fear Lossenthêl has seen in awhile. Reminded her of that boy servent…what was his name? Lossenthêl had a hard time remembering human names for they died quickly and most were assholes. Anyhow this Asshole quickly fled from her and the men he had been commanded had taken roughly twenty paces away from her in Post Haste.

‘Oh by Isha’s love, finally a moment of peace!’ Lossenthêl thought to herself as she continued shooting her bow before Timon finally caught up in all his Heavy Armor hindrance. And the brown storm soon followed. Insert Brettonian’s version of a modern Witch Hunt part one.

For that Commander or Captain or whatever Kurnous’s muddy boots this Brettonian man’s name and title was, he came back with a vengeance. Lossenthêl was already upset with Timon and now she was upset with this guy and she actually tried storming away to leave this forsaken human city.

While Timon dealt with Brettonian Witchhunter and Protaganist, Pergale intercepted Lossenthêl who was trying to leave the city. How her adoptive human sister could catch up to the Frustrated angry elf so quickly, well that’s a matter for later pondering.

What was current is that Pergale would go on to loose respect from Lossenthêl with the younger woman’s bluntess. Pergale had to of pound Lossenthêl’s psyche to get through the Hermitess’ stubborn frustrated personality. Apparently using a bow is frowned upon and it didn’t help that she was an Elf. She was also female and she wasn’t allowed to speak in the Elven tounge, Eltharin. Apparently by doing so it brings dishonour and Lossenthêl must make monetary reperations to a bunch of spoilt fearful humans so ‘bridges’ can be made only for the humans to repeart their ‘fearful’ act for free money.

Lossenthêl was LIVID at such a suggestion. Lossenthêl has first hand knowledge to know that humans repeat themselves and will fake it for free money while at the same time if they are vexed enough will go for a typical Witchhunt anyways. No matter how much money you gave vexed humans…if they were set in their ways they were going to kill you and take your money. Honor-less…honor-less and filthy is what the species mostly was in Lossenthêl’s eyes.

But Pergale put it bluntly: How dare Lossenthêl be an elf in these lands and she wasn’t allowed to be herself because then it would ruin Pergale’s chances of meeting her parents and please come back with her to Noble Court and make friends.

Pergale was quite possibly the only human who could ever talk to Lossenthêl in such a way. And after tonight that would be limited. For by denying Lossenthêl who she is is to deny her honor and quite frankly only the honor-less would deny someone their honor. For Pergale’s talk sparked something in Lossenthêl and she became almost unnaturally calm. And she followed Pergale back. What the human witch currently doesn’t realize is what she said to the elf is now causing the young elven lass to question Pergale’s leadership.

Pergale loves secrets and she loves being right. But in this instance she is wrong. For what she said was wrong and Lossenthêl cannot and will not respect that.

Following Pergale back to the keep proper was one going from the frying pan and into the inferno fire. For the Witchhunt was in full swing. Granted Lossenthêl couldn’t understand the language but what she could see is Captain Idiot pointing his finger at Lossenthêl upon her return and a whole crowd of people watching.

For it was just like that time, long ago in Bullarn…

His name was Dachs, Dachs Jacobs-Bauer. He was the most horrible human Lossenthêl has ever met. Perhaps this was due to the both of them being wee children, but boy would later grow up to become a Witchhunter largely out of spite to not just Lossenthêl but also her family and those that stood up for her on that horrible day. It was the day she came home crying and would first learn that her family was keeping secrets from her.

Dachs lead a group of children that would terrorize other children of Bullarn. He was the son of a human hunter but their family couldn’t compare with Lossenthêl’s father and brother or any of the Elven hunters for that matter. This made Dachs and his sire, Dach’s Sr. very jealous. This jealousy had grown into spite and Dachs jr. would take it out on Lossenthêl mostly. The group of boys Dach’s lead, if they survived their childhood as some didn’t, would grow to be bandits and outlaws as even the human citizentry couldn’t forgive some of the things Dach’s and his gang had done.

It was Spring season and at this point in time Lossenthêl had yet to learn to dye her hair and it was natural. Lady Idhrendîs would insist her only daughter wear some nice girlish things while her father, Calegnaer, would insist Lossenthêl wear something practical. The ending clothing arrangement would usually be a cute skirt over leather pants with some good boots and a tough linen shirt with some flowers woven into her hair that would be loosely braided by her mother.

Even at that age, Lossenthêl was very independent and during a training session with her elder brother Flardryn and her father Calegnaer, Lossenthêl sought to prove herself and broke away from her established safety net so she could attempt to hunt and kill a wild deer that could of fed her family for weeks perhaps months if they turned it to jerky and sausage.

She never got the chance to kill that deer, for Dachs interrupted and seized his chance to try to take the glory of killing the Deer but he only managed to spook the doe. Lossenthêl had been quick to get out of the way as the Deer, in its attempt to get away, ran into one of the boys that had been in position of an ambush. The doe broke his arm in her escape and broke away from the ambush Dachs had set up.

Lossenthêl would find out that the Ambush wasn’t meant for the Deer, it was just a set up so Dachs and his gang could enact a Peasant witch hunt of their own. Lossenthêl may of just been a child but Elves from birth train their children to wield a bow at the same time they learn how to walk. They don’t wait until their child is nine or twelve to teach them survival skills, unlike humans.

Dachs blamed Lossenthêl for his friend’s broken leg and that seemed to be the fuse to the powder keg. He didn’t need to snap his fingers for his crew to attack. Lossenthêl, being forced to fight and naturally talented in archery, had disabled one boy with an arrow that hit him through the knee. She used her surival skills her father and brother taught her by kicking up some dirt and sand and attempted to get some distance.

There were five boys and one of her. They ranged from age twelve to age nine. They were untrained but they had numbers on their side. Two were disabled for now as children can’t cope through pain like adults can. Their screams would go to alert her father and brother as well as others being that this was close to the village at the time. Lossenthêl didn’t know that, all she knew was that she was being attacked.

Lossenthêl used every means to escape these boys. The scuffle seemed to of lasted for an eternity. Eventually while Lossenthêl was actually doing good in fending off Dachs and one of his two remaining gang member, the other one had snuck up from behind Lossenthêl and grabbed her from behind. Dachs had laughed at this and he told her something so cold that it’s quite possibly the biggest reason Lossenthêl to this day distrusts humans. “Hold her still, I’m going to scalp that witch hair off of her”

“We’ll be heroes, Dachs, heroes of Bullarn!” One chanted.

“Yeah all will respect us now!” another pitched in.

The other injured too were in pain but managed to mutter out “Stupid witch”

Neither Fladryn or Calegnaer could arrive fast enough to prevent what happened next.

After being pelted with rocks and feces, the boys true to their word attempted to scalp her and partially succeeded. One worked as lookout while the two injured licked their wounds. The fourth held Lossenthêl tightly while Dachs tormented the young elf by sawing off her hair and her mother’s decorations. First with the braids and what not. It was done not just for the pleasure and Lossenthêl’s horror, but to get closer at Lossenthêl flesh on her head. Perhaps it was instict, perhaps it was luck, but at the last possible moment Lossenthêl bit the arm of the boy that was holding her tightly. She bit so tightly she drew blood.

The bow screamed and pushed her into Dachs. When this happened the knife scraped part of her flesh away but ended up embedding itself into the ear of the boy that had been holding her tightly. In the scuffle that followed, the boy’s ear had been completely removed and Lossenthêl somehow was able to escape.

Without her bow, Lossenthêl cried and ran all the way home. Her bow being dropped in the scuffle and would be temporarily claimed as a trophy by Dachs. Lossenthêl would learn that in the scuffle, Dachs would land on the knife that would forever scar his face and leave him partially blind in one eye. A mark he would forever blame Lossenthêl for up until the day he died.

When Lossenthêl was cleaned up and recovered, she would be taught the ways of dying her hair to avoid such witchhunts in the future. For the human race was the race of Fear which could overpower their emotion for love. In this time though, Lossenthêl would come to learn that their parents and possibly her brother kept a secret from her that she might not forgive them for. She knew it was hair related then but now…they had to of known something! She was eight years old when this attack happened.

Dachs would throw himself before any Witchhunter that would come to Bullarn looking to rid the world of a few more witches. Eventually one would take him in and he would go to leave Bullarn but come back years later dressed as a witch. However this was not before he would lead several unsuccessful witch hunts on Lossenthêl or other unlucky girls that didn’t requite his sexual advances and lust.

Pulling back to the real world, among this mess, stood a Brettonian pointing at her while the entire town it seemed stared at Lossenthêl. She didn’t know what was said but she could guess that this was some kind of Witch Hunt. Pergale at one point got in front of Lossenthêl to shield the taller and older elf from Captain Idiot. ‘This is the man you want me to invest in, Pergale?’ Lossenthêl thought to herself ‘I don’t know what he says but investing money into him will not do anything to keep him from trying to hunt me as a witch.’

And somehow that little Witch hunt was over. Soon afterwards they spoke to the Noble of this land. A Duke or something? Lossenthêl didn’t bother with names only that he outranked Sir Timon of Strange Enchantment. Pergale was many copies and Ayill someone who is more dead than alive in her magical energy.

After introductions, Pergale took the lead in speaking for the three. It wouldn’t remain that way for long though. Through this Noble, Lossenthêl would learn about three armies coming together. She had asked Amber if the fey knew anything that would keep an Army moving. Amber said some kind of magical enchantment, same one that destroyed her forest centuries ago.

Lossenthêl had leaned in to Pergale to inform her of the information and Pergale had to apply the thinking wheel. Not once did Pergale volunteer the information of what they had learned in Matorca, with the vampires and the artifact. But the Noble, he gave Lossenthêl a brief moment to talk.

This was the day Lossenthêl began to speak well before a court. For Lossenthêl told the Noble about the Vampires, what she knew of the plot, and the evil thing that Headie’s Adventurers found and sent to the Witch Hunter.

It was successful and she ended it with “But I’m not allowed to use my bow.” which the Noble was confused about at that point Sir Timon spoke up. With that admission, Lossenthêl realized that the peasants were making their own rules without a law’s permission. They always did that.

Lossenthêl did come to a conclusion from all of this: Someone who denies a Person’s honor is a person without honor. For such a culture that rotated around honor, many of them had none. Right now this includes Pergale. For she kept secrets from the Noble and denied the young Elve’s proud heritage.

That amulet of Isha and Kurnous is a heirloom and a symbol of worship. Lossenthêl will never willingly take it off if she can avoid it and this is why she has put that Estalian Captain on her hunting list. Lossenthêl also will never willingly part with Amber’s stone either if it can be avoid. Until that stone is turned into some kind of necklace without harming the stone, it stays with Lossenthêl’s amulet. If Brettonia has a problem with that then they are most likely going to have a probem realizing that perhaps it is the Lady of the Lake stealing the magical children and not the Elves.


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