The Border Princes – or to use the more common term for the region “The Borderlands” are a collection of Kingdoms, Merchant Trading Centres, Independent City-States, Principalities and Warlord Strongholds broadly situated to the South of the Black Mountains and spread across a wide crescent shaped mass of land reclaimed from the Badlands and accessible by sea through the Black Gulf. Some have been there for several thousand years, some less than a hundred.

Since the Second Errantry War – the first of several Crusades led by Knights Errant from Bretonnia to cleanse the lands of Greenskins, the Borderlands has been a magnet for migrating peasants, tradesmen, merchants, mercenaries, political or religious refugees, criminals and nobles alike from all corners of the world – all seeking adventure, fame and fortune, or simply escaping the life they had left behind. Life in the Border Prince cities is harsh and dangerous for those not of noble birth or wealthy and some end their days begging on the streets or hanging from the gallows for petty crime. The cities vary greatly in size, some with barely 10,000 inhabitants but others with well in excess of 200,000 and able to muster many thousand soldiers on the field should need arise.

The city you’ve found yourself in is Matorca, a fishing province a few days south of Khypris on the Black Gulf. The city’s walls protect it from bandits and raiders, and the strong compliment of soldiers are well paid by the Royal Madronas of Matorca who wish to keep their investment safe. The fishing town holds a strong faith in the Old Gods thanks to it’s proximity to Khypris, and the faithful can be counted on in times of bounty or famine. The city’s income is dependant on the foul waters of the Black Gulf. Fishermen’s nets are regularly drawing in the very lifeblood of the town’s exports. The harsh heat, the desert surrounding the town, and the scrubland dunes near the coast make the place inhospitable to those outside the protection of civilization, but once within the walls, all manner of people live and survive.

On the Border of Princes and Kings

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