On the Border of Princes and Kings

Adventure Awaits Them

Looks like the time off is over. Well, thank you for giving me some time to recover. Time to get serious about this new lifestyle, it seems.

It started like a fairly normal morning. I was trying to make some arrangements that sounded good to me and would therefore probably be political suicide, just like every other day. All of a sudden, everybody’s at our house, there are scorpions in our bed, spiders in our cellar, a dead girl in our stable, and Maria’s been poisoned while at court! I ran to go get more doctors to help court while Pergale saved Maria. I’m sure they’ll find a way to pin this on me, but I can’t say that I particularly care. Their catty, petty nonsense doesn’t end even in the face of death.

Now, it turns out that there was some kind of evil statue in a box in a box in our basement and that’s why the puppet spiders were here. So Scruffy’s taking it to the witch hunters and the others are going somewhere to do something. I wasn’t entirely clear on the details. I have a lot on my mind just now.

Is our child all right?

We need to cover up that girl’s death, or at least cover up that it happened here. Her poor family. They deserve the opportunity to mourn their daughter.

What is it going to take to get those holes in our yard fixed?

Will anything else be coming here for that box or will they follow Scruffy to the Empire?

How many armies of this world war are going to try and use Matorca?

Were the doctors able to save the nobles?

What does it mean if they weren’t?

Who would dare try a poisoning on this scale?

Is our dinner party still on? We might have to delay that again.

Is the tournament still on?

Who was in charge of that?

What do we do if they died?

We need to withdraw Lossenthal’s sponsorship paperwork.

We also need to find a new physician for Maria.

Things keep happening to our staff. We should do something special for them to express our appreciation.

I do hope the steward survived. He may hate me, but I don’t know what happens if he’s gone.

I will be praying for the others during their adventure. I have to be here to help settle this city that is our home. I don’t think they’ll hold that against me. I hope not. I’ll write. I think they can probably read. Pergale can, right? Yeah. Yeah, she has all those books. Of course.

At least Theo said something about hiring somebody to meet them when their ship arrives. I wonder who he got.



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