On the Border of Princes and Kings

High Seas Explosion, Prisoner's abroad...and a talking Ogre!

At least Amber's happy to be in the wilderness once more!

It was hard leaving Amelia behind but Headie reassured Lossenthêl that her well loved Equine friend. Lossenthêl hated leaving her behind but it was for the best as the boat they ended up boarding was small and couldn’t hold Amelia and that would ultimately save Amelia’s life.

The crew of the boat was 40 including the Captain and the journey that was roughly one month long was mostly uneventful as they traversed the seas on a smuggling vessel. It wasn’t until they turned to where they were truly going did they come in contact with Estalians. The Captain was worried and knew that they would be boarded and their only chance was to fight the enemy. Little did anyone know that those two fast ships had cannons.

It was a one-sided fight. Those two faster ships killed most of the sailers leaving only fourteen of the original forty. Between Pergale and Lossenthêl, the two were able to light one of the two ship’s sails on fire. Lossenthêl was even able to kill a single enemy sailor. Words can’t describe how naked and angry as well as upset and scared when she, Lossenthêl, had to cough up her bow and armor. Worse still having to put her two most precious things, Her mother’s amulet and Amber’s stone on the ground too.

The captain was killed by some ‘Noble’ the leader of this Warpath. Their boat was a Merchant vessel built for speed not for fighting. Theirs was a Galleon and two Speed Boats that shouldn’t be able to move that fast with Cannons. Lossenthêl had renewed hatred for nobles then she saw other nobles were caged. Of everyone they seemed the most hopeful for an escape and seemed to zero in on Pergale being the leader.

The guards beat up for the nobles for it. In one of the cells Lossenthêl got pushed into were Elves. One was chained up and covered up, some kind of magic. Amber, who was very sick from not being near land, could sense some kind of magic from that young elf. Lossenthêl had come into her magic to this, a reality that humans feared magic possibly more so than Elves. Is this what her parents feared? Why they forced her to learn of human gods not of Elven ones or a good chunk of Elven culture?

Lossenthêl tried making conversation with the Elves, but just like the ones at Matorca court these ones scoffed then ignored her too when she asked if they were from small villages too. Without her bow, her sword, or even her amulet and stone Lossenthêl felt scared but she silently kept it in so only Amber could know if Amber wished to.

It was probably the anger that got her through it or perhaps it was the new friend she made in Amber, her magic teacher. Lossenthêl kept thinking of that amulet and Amber’s stone. She valued it so much she offered Slyri roughly 200 gold or all of her current gold just to get that Amulet back and keep it safe. Slyri did just that.

Knowing her amulet was safe gave her a hope that they might survive this. She was angry but she was smart enough to stay quiet. Pergale must have a clue on how to escape this. Lossenthêl wanted to kill that Noble that shot the captain and ordered the capture. She was livid on how they would kill and capture the Elves. Those ships must’ve been dwarf magic.

So as strong as they were on the Sea, they weren’t so much on land. For as those who could still walk such as herself were all chained to the backs of caravans heading Isha knows where, they were squishy when compared to…

A giant beast creature Slyri referred to as an Ogre…and that they don’t talk.

This beast put fear in the eyes of many who saw it. It made paste-mist of the Army that captured them. She thought it was a Beastman from the way it plowed through the forest and right into the men. It may as well been. Then it had called for their names. Whatever it was, Lossenthêl was encourage to fight.

She had poked one of the soldiers but pretty much did nothing as Rika just killed her three while the big thing cleared the battlefield pretty quickly of enemies. All the while Lossenthêl placed herself between the Elves and the big beast. Pergale freed Lossenthêl to fight and she was very thankful for that considering she bruised her wrists trying to get free.

Somehow someway the Elves that previously weren’t talking to her had accepted her in a sense. At least for a conversation, it was long overdue and very pleasant. For the big Ogre and his army of men led them to a hidden enclave of humans in the middle of the forest. In a way it reminded her of home long ago. Amber was happy at least.

The one elf of the three that would talk to her was called Elonil, Son of Hadril, of the Silver Isles. She hoped to do more conversation with this Elven man. He seemed nice. Her father, if he were alive today would not let this conversation take place.



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