On the Border of Princes and Kings

I found 'em!

I did it!

After smashing who knows how many caravans apart, freeing prisoners, I finally found the ones I was looking for: Lossenthel, Pergale, and Sylri! Lossenthel is an elf who is totally obsessed the locations of her belongings and wants to go to the woods. Pergale has some Strigani ritual scarification that looks to be old enough to indicate heritage and talks at length to everyone who isn’t me. Sylri is a . . . child? Are halflings just human children? Surely not. Right? Yeah. Right? Or is she a female dwarf? Asking would be terribly embarrassing. I’ll just keep an ear out for now.

Well, I found ‘em and brought ’em back to Warden’s camp and now they’re back in Warden’s camp! Safe and sound! They wanna go talk to important people about allying with the Border Princes and then stop for a stroll in the magic woods.

Oh, and we seem to have acquired a Mmmf, who is following my charges around but isn’t on my list. She’s another . . . dwarf? Seems to have the bar set low with regard to her expectations from the day. “Survival,” she says. I think that perhaps she has just finished with some traumatic experiences and that her goal should become a re-establishment of joy in the simple pleasures in life. We’ll work on getting her there. And once she is comfortable enough to remember how to want, we’ll see what her true aims are.

I should really corner that Pergale at some point and find out what she wants, other than to talk to important people on behalf of other people.

I wonder if my clan’s found the other Maw or if they’re slacking off. They better hope I don’t get wind of it. I’m busy doing this.



I found 'em!

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