On the Border of Princes and Kings

The Lady Speaks

It has finally happened. My Lady has deigned to grace me with a vision, a holy quest to serve her.

I have lived in a dark place since the fall of Chateau Panique and the slaughter of my family. I thought vengeance was my purpose and swore to pursue it, and I have done so, despite my Knightly duties. But My Lady has shown me another purpose, a holy purpose. And it is with this strange group of women.

It must have been the Lady’s hand that sent Glurgg and his charges to me. I doubted it after my talk with Lossenthel. She disturbs me, with her blunt speech and her talk of magic. She told me she belonged with the Elves of Athel Loren. I can well believe it as her presence is uncanny and discomfiting, just like the fey elves who live in that wood. I can only hope I will become used to her. I must admire her sense of honor. She felt it necessary to warn me of her own magical nature and that of her companions. I will admit I hesitated in my resolve to accompany them after she told me. But that all changed after My Lady.

There was a hue and cry sent up by Lossenthel that something was wrong in Pergale’s tent. When I arrived she begged me to guard the tent, but not to enter. I can only assume she was fearful for Lady Pergale’s virtue. I might have been offended if the idea weren’t so laughable. But soon enough I heard voices from the tent and all sounded well. When I knocked and was bid enter, I was struck by the glorious light of the Lady. She came to me, granting me a vision of my purpose, and in the tradition of my fathers and their fathers before them, I will abandon all my wordly duties to follow her will. I will be a buffer between the forces of dark and light. I have pledged my sword and honor to the Lady Pergale and shall do all I can to accomplish what My Lady has directed me to do.

I have informed Lord De Harcourt’s knights of my new vow. They understand, but as Glurgg has managed to offend them by stealing barrels of food from the war effore, we have been asked to leave with all haste. That’s fine with me. Our quest awaits! May the Lady bless our travels.



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