On the Border of Princes and Kings

We can leave Matorca? Really?

I want to participate in that Archery Contest though...

So she went to the Alsinor house for advice on how to be pretty to prepare for the Archery Contest, hopefully look decent and respectful in the case there were actual Elven men there. One could hope.

But what ended up happening was a defense of the Alsinor house from a string of assassination attempts and then a discovery of treasure which was being counted and split up. Oh and did one mention the cursed chest with evil magic leaking from it? Scruffy received a new mission and carry said chest to the Witch Hunter on a ship somewhere.

The servants were terrified; mostly of Pergale but matched nearly equally with Rika. Pergale is very diplomatic yet Rika, not so much. Somehow Lossenthêl ended up with a wine bottle in her hand and was expected to set up something for a meeting? Ok the only thing she knew that alchohol was served in was big beer mugs. So big beer mugs of wine it was!

Lossenthêl was frustrated and bored with this long talk. If she didn’t stay to do the Archery contest, more than likely Humphrey would be a mockery and it wouldn’t do well for Mariah; the stress would probably kill her if not the child within her.

She did look forward to seeing the Athel Loren again. She made a vow to that forest and it was a vow she intended to keep. The death of the Athel Loren would be the death of the planet and the begining of the end for Elves and Fey everywhere as well as Man, halfling and Dwarf.

She remembered trouble too. Before the attack on her village of Bullarn, it was to be her last year to enter the Harvest Faire. She was going to participate in that Archery Contest too. But sadly never got the chance because of the attack. It doesn’t feel like it’s been thirty years. It feels like a few years yes but not thirty autumns.

If they did enter the Athel Loren there was a chance those who came with her, Lossenthêl, to that beautiful but deadly forest. Well there was a chance they wouldn’t see Humphrey or Mariah again because the years could go by fast, different from the rest of the world.

Amber never responded to Lossenthêl’s question, probably distracted. Soon it would be time.



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