Grunnil Wrathstone

A dark, brooding Dwarf with all manner of gadgets and contraptions on him.


Grunnil Wrathstone stands just over four foot six, with broad, sturdy shoulders and a solid, trunk like core that looks to be able to carry the weight of the world. His armor is a complex web of metal plates, cogs, and devices that all serve a purpose. For most, those purposes are a mystery. He has a fiery red beard and dark eyes that brood from under a hood most of the time. His right shoulder armor carries a complex mechanism for attaching a grapple, and his right bracer is fitted to hold a hook. Across his body are climbing implements and tools. His weapon is a simple short sword, though it looks fantastically well made and has Dawi runes etched on it’s surface.


Grunnil is an exile. He’d be the first to say, too. He’s grown up around the world after his short time as an Engineer in Karak Kardin. He was offered a chance to become a Slayer for his crimes, but he refused them. He had no more family to suffer for his dishonor, since they’d all been slain by the ineptitude of his Thane. In the world, he perfected his craft. He spent time in Averland, traveled to Nuln to coach on the human’s crafting techniques. Eventually he grew bored of their style and started wandering.

According to him, that’s when he met Danzig. Since then, he’s been following the former Sigmarite around and helping him in his adventures.

Grunnil Wrathstone

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