"I can't be a High Elf, after all I acknowledge your existence. Your disgusting and dangle-berry hairy existence. But if attracting a dung beetle is what you were going for then who can blame you? After all a Skunk smells better than you."



Lossenthêl is unique in that she never has the same colored hair all year round as it naturally changes with the seasons. To hide this she crafts her own hair dye often from berries and usually dyes her hair as often as she bathes.

As a result of her hair situation, she often has a different set of clothing for each of the seasons of the year that she almost always wears underneath her armor. This is also her goal for armor; namely the leathers and cloths but not metal such as chain.

She loves covering herself from head to toe in armor as it’s much easier to blend in to the wilderness and really despises showing herself off.

The few constants about her are her piercing ice-sky-blue eyes and her fair skin. And since very few things in life actually make her happy, she often wears an annoyed expression that is still evident in her eyes even when Headie forces her to smile.


Although it’s been two years since she joined with Headie and his Adventurer’s guild, Lossenthêl still holds a distrustful grudge on human nobility. Headie himself often drags her around to the fancy parties and she has met men and women of higher status that do genuinely care about about their people to include the non-human citizenry.

However she finds it weird and annoying that not every human culture is the same as there are way too many culture shocks and ‘societal norms’ from city to city and country to country.

Headie’s goal is to show Lossenthêl that there are more to humans than just the evil she had experienced and to simultaneously keep her from becoming a hermit. Her hair doesn’t help matters either and over time does lead to accusations of witchcraft despite the fact Lossenthêl doesn’t practice any magic.

Since the loss of her village and not having anything physical to bury, Lossenthêl has instead buried her positive feelings and passion she had when her family was alive. She’s replaced these feelings with criticism, skepticism and over bitchiness.

One of her shorter goals though is to find the small elven city her mother hails from.

She doesn’t know the name of the city, but she knows it is modernized and not from the extreme elven nations. However her mother left her city well over a century ago and Lossenthêl isn’t sure if that place still exists.

One thing is for sure; Lossenthêl hates cities and would rather live in the woods. However Headie has chosen a city at least a week’s travel from the nearest woods which, in addition to making it difficult for acquiring berries for hair dye, makes it hard for her to escape to hiding when he wants her put into social attire. For his part, Headie bears the brunt of and receives more than an earful of wit, dry sarcasm, and burning hatred of such things made oh so much worse when that time of the month comes around.


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