Rika Van Den Haas

Adventurer and Well Traveled Criminal


First impressions are always tricky, and Rika’s is no different. She’s of average height and weight for a human, with a strongly built frame and agile movements. Her long brown hair is traditionally tied, and her face is regularly obscured by a crimson scarf over her nose. When wearing the scarf, she’s almost definitely wearing her riding hat, complete with a large black feather. Without her adornments, her face is arguably plain…were it not for the number of scars that mar her otherwise average beauty.

Her dress is fairly plain – browns and leathers, with straps for gear, buckles for satchels, and clasps for a cloak. With her coat undone, a complex set of harnesses can be seen around her torso, carrying four well made pistols each in an easy to reach holster. She has a fencing foil on her hip, opposite a powder horn and bag of shot. Strapped to her thigh is another collection of small containers holding various supplies and trappings for her career.

Her eyes hint at a tough demeanor. The scars confirm it. In general, she’s friendly and polite, but it’s obvious she didn’t grow up accustomed to much more than hardship.


Rika Van Den Haas

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