On the Border of Princes and Kings

Elves, Armies and... Royalty?!


It had been a long time since Lossenthêl had spoken with the Elves of the Athel Loren and yet here they were. The last time she had spoken to the Asrai was ten years prior, nearly ten harvests ago.

The small Elven group consisted of Wayfinders lead by Coeth. He wasn’t much older than Lossenthêl but she greeted him as an elder to herself with respect. He was also quite attractive, something she didn’t speak to him. She wished to warn them right away regarding the Beastmen but he spoke first.

He spoke as if he met her before, or at least heard of her, but it was how he addressed her that would go to confuse not just the both of them but perhaps all who understood Eltharin.

He refferred to her as being from House Kel’Tarn, due to her mother’s amulet she wore proudly on her chest. Lossenthêl believed it to be the symbol of Isha and Kuronous, which Coeth confirmed it was. He was also confused as to why she was outside the Athel Loren and Lossenthêl had to steer the conversation away from her being confused with nobility to the massive herdstone and Beastmen army. To be honest the talk of being a Noble greatly confused her.

While the information was being translated, Lossenthêl drew them a map of the Beastmen location using the secret sign coded language of the Scouts and Rangers, the only way she knew to Read and Write. She was secretly happy they were so nice to her compared to last time, it was a breathe of relief from the constant racist-fear of the Brettonian humans.

When it was done, Lossenthêl was a bit sad to see them leave but wished them to be safe, Amber was just as confused as Lossenthêl was. Pergale was a bit mad based on something that Lossenthêl had said in regards to humans. For when Pergale had suggested an ambassador of the Wood Elves, Lossenthêl could only think of how she had been treated in the Brettonian courts up to that point. To be perfectly fair, if she got treated that way, the human courts would probably kill or try to kill a genuine wood elf Ambassador. Lossenthêl was referring to Human nobility and not all humans in general, something she had to explain to Pergale who was upset that Lossenthêl was generalizing humans. Lossenthêl had to explain that the only good part about Brettonia she could respect were the Herrmaults.

Then they travelled back to the half destroyed fort to see the human’s army. More specifically it seemed all of the Brettonian military had gathered at that one location. Pergale and Lossenthêl both went for a bath, a long and wonderful bath were they spoke and Lossenthêl admiited the only hood thing about Brettonia were the harremaults. Lossenthêl didn’t know what to think about what Wayfinder Coeth said and was genuinely confused. She did want to know though.

Back in court where they were greeted by the sight of the King of Brettonia, Lossenthêl was distracted by what Coeth had said and didn’t put on much of a good impression. She was also irritated that the court didn’t believe the Elves would show up but they did in the form of beautiful Spellweaver who was even more Sassy than Lossenthêl and did it in a way that didn’t start a war with the nobles. However almost every Brettonian in the room save for ones called Grail Knights pulled their weapons in intent on harming the Spellweaver just like Lossenthêl predicted but at least their King stopped it. He seemed like he was flirting with the Spellweaver.

This same woman would go on to take Lossenthêl on a journey of what this woman claimed Lossenthêl was born to be. And it started when Lossenthêl had wandered over to this Elven Spellweaver, her many spites flying by her side, and introducing herself to her. “You have remarkable patience my fair lady, I would of told the humans off long ago” This made the Spellweaver smile and like Wayfinder Coeth, this Spellweaver addressed Lossenthêl from being from House Kel’Tarn.

The Spellweaver had asked the young Spellsinger to tell her what she remembered. Lossenthêl remembered feeling home the moment she had entered the part of the Athel Loren where she met the Prince. She spoke of how she was raised on Human Culture not of Elven ones and how she was saved and spared. Also how she never developed the racial hatred of Dwarves as most Elves apparently did but instead developed a hatred of much of the human nobility and culture that operates on fear mongering.

The Spellweaver then offered the Spellsinger to take the younger elf on a walk. Lossenthêl readily agreed, eager to be free of this horrible court and their elf-fearing ways. In mere seconds they were miles away from the Castle and Lossenthêl felt this amazing breathe of fresh air. The Spellweaver opened up a secret way, a hidden way, one of magic and nature. The trees were hollow and their were Spites everywhere.
Pergale would love this. However Lossenthêl in the back of her mind knew this had to be secret.

Amber was happy, for when the Spellweaver asked her how she felt and Amber responded with that she wasn’t sure if she could ever come back here. Lossenthêl was amazed at this place and she began asking questions like if she could do this. The Spellweaver confirmed that Lossenthêl could do this, that it was her birthright. Lossenthêl didn’t understand how this was her birthright but this place made her so happy and she was just taken aback in the awe of it.

It was here that the Spellweaver told Lossenthêl of her family’s history. Apparently the Prince that she had met, his father was responsible for killing the family Lossenthêl never knew. Lossenthêl had two sisters and two brothers that she never knew about and parents who quite possibly loved them. It was hard for an Elf to have children, so to have five was unheard of. At yet the other Nobles grew tired of how Lossenthêl’s family, the Kel’Tarns, were running their property. The destruction of much of the Kel’Tarn came swiftly. And yet even then the Spellweaver wasn’t sure how Lossenthêl survived. The younger Elf didn’t know the answer but deep down hoped that her adopted family, the only family she has ever known, were alive and could tell the answer to that question. Secretly Lossenthêl wondered about Nuln and, that according to Danzig, her mother’s amulet and family crest was seen at the city in the Empire,

The Spellweaver seemed happy to have found Lossenthêl, and had invited the young Spellsinger to the Athel Loren’s Royal-Court where the Nobles would be meeting up. Secretly, Lossenthêl dreaded going to court if it was in anyway like the Human Court and the Ulthuan court. However Lossenthêl of Bullarn, no Lossenthêl Kel’Tarn, wanted to take her family’s home back. For the first time in a long time she had cried when she learned of her family’s fate. She was denied not one but two family burials and twice she was made an Orphan to her knowledge. It was the first time she learned that Elves could be evil and cruel. According the the Spellweaver, it was necessairy from time to time and yet even so the Prince’s father turned out to be a worse ruler than the Kel’Tarns at least that was how it was explained.

Lossenthêl wanted to ride into this battle as she was and not hidden, so she asked the Spellweaver if she could enter the Athel Loren to bathe in its magical waters to release the hair dye from her hair. The Spellweaver, without flinching, had stated to Lossenthêl that her hair was already back to normal. For the moment they entered this magical realm where Nature travels was the moment where all hair dye was erased from Lossenthêl’s own hair. The young Elven lass was ever so thankful and didn’t know how best to express to the magical forest the magical wood her sincerest most thanks.

As for the Lord that killed her family…Lossenthêl would love to kill this man, but the Prince had showed the young Spellweaver honor and had spared her life. It was because of this Prince she couldn’t kill this Lord unless this Lord left her no choice. To the spare the Lord was a puzzle in its own right. However before she could adequatly think, the Spellweaver bid Lossenthêl farewell for now as she had to leave to prepare for the battle while Lossenthêl did the same. Amelia, Lossenthêl’s silver grey dapple white mane mare, would have to accompany Lossenthêl to the Athel Loren as well as Amber for Lossenthêl to leave. For Lossenthêl would want to take her family with her.

What happened that day, Lossenthêl would remember it for a long time to come possibly for the rest of her life. No, she would remember this for the rest of her life and how amazed she was. Silently she looked at the Spites and mentally spoke in Arcane Elven thanking them and in her silence she had reaffirmed her vow to protect the Athel Loren. For this made her Vow ever so much stronger.

Two weeks was all they would receive for the Final Battle. Two weeks of getting stronger. Two weeks of training. Just two weeks. However Amber was there as were the others. Lossenthêl offered a prayer to the dieties she knew. She didn’t like the wait and hoped the forest would be fine. For that Herdstone was dangerous.



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