On the Border of Princes and Kings

Human's Pride and their Prejudice

Caused this Apocalyptic War

‘Oh have I forgot to mention I hate Brettonia? No well there you go ladies and gentlefolk. This nation is so proud their very pride blinds them!’

What a ridiculous adventure! From capture to partial slavery to a rescue from a smelly well spoken Ogre to her whole self from language to culture to dreams being spat on by arrogant humans, Lossenthêl couldn’t help but get angrier and angrier at thus ‘Culture’ Called Brettonia.

Ever since their arrival Pergale has changed and Lossenthêl isn’t sure if that is for the better. And that hurt Lossenthêl tremendously.

However there is only so much the young elf will allow herself to swallow. Sir Timon reached for his blade and attempted to go after Amber when Lossenthêl finally channeled her into reality. Because this does little to stem Lossenthêl’s views that humans would rather jump and kill something they found different rather than understand it. Honor-less and barbaric.

This action had Lossenthêl seething but she kept face as throughout the weeks of traveling, Her only constant friend other than her borrowed steed was Amber who allowed herself to be called for times of comfort but didn’t like to stay in this world for long.

During their travels they came across a mass grave. Sylri, Lossenthêl, Timon, Glurg, Ayill, Rika and Pergale all traveled together and all saw this together. Glurg went into the mass looking for something that wasn’t scorched to a crisp by fire. He found an Orc and bit into it, only to spit it up to show that it was a Beastman.

Lossenthêl could see how much magic was on this but nothing the others did got rid of the magic. Just Glurg being Glurg exposed the truth for what it was. Athel Loren was in grave danger and this evil planned to destroy Brettonia just to get to the Athel Loren. The world was in grave danger and whatever this was it had a lot of planning and possibly artifacts of immeasurable power.

And Timon had to go say something stupid question about this war to which Lossenthêl responded with her honesty. She spoke of everything bad about Humans, and the worst part none of it was lies for it was she knew of them.

And now they arrived to another Lordling’s establishment. This one had seen a massive battle, like something exploded within. Some kind of bad establishment. A Duke Huebald resided here with what was left of his men. He was a man laced in magic with glowing eyes. Some kind of Holy Warrior, a Grail Knight. Timon made all in the group aware to treat this man with respect. He gave his favor to Pergale and left to do something while the rest of the group including Lossenthêl spoke with Duke Huebald.

Pergale began the conversation with Duke Huebald who greeting them with what Lossenthêl considered a false smile. A smile that spoke that he knew he was a powerful man and he considered if this group was a threat. For two stood out in this group and that was Lossenthêl herself and Glurg the Ogre that threw 10 barrels of food.

Easily the two of them alone could be considered more dangerous than the others in the room solely because of one reason: Prejudice. Lossenthêl was made well aware that she represented something humans feared. And Glurg was an Ogre whom even Lossenthêl aimed an arrow at in the beginning.

Lossenthêl got increasingly more and more upset as Pergale wasn’t getting to the point. The humans needed to be aware of their prideful folly. Brettonia needed to be aware they were going to die if they didn’t face the facts that their preferable fear of magic and Elf-Shaming is responsible for Chaos having a free reign controlling them. And if Lossenthêl had to roar in their face about, so be it.

She started off quiet, like a rumbling of a volcanoe the grounds below shaking, warning, quiet rumbling. But she got louder. It wasn’t long before she had Duke’s full attention and she brought up key facts. The Night of Nightmares in early spring two and a half months ago and the fact all who were elf or connected to magic would of had a nightmare of sorts.

That was Lossenthêl having to prove herself the first time that night to the same man, whom she bowed to but not as low as Sir Timon. She got really angry at the young human Knight when he lied to Duke Huebald about not having a vision, when he did not two weeks prior and she volunteered that. Sir Timon having previously being forcefully-encouraged to join Duke Huebald’s court, a magical knight who wondered why the group carried his banner.

Not long after the discussion of the Night of Nightmares did another person make their presence known. A woman, a Maiden of the Lady, Duke Huebald’s companion but not in a romantic or sexual sense. She had long red hair and was wearing a long dress and she appeared from nothing. Lossenthêl saw her for what she is, a fey, a powerful fey who had the guise of a woman or rather is a women. Lossenthêl bowed before this woman as she would bow before the Noble Asrai and the fey of the woodland realm of Athel Loren. The woman noted how this was interesting.
The second time came when Lossenthêl spoke more on the magic that she suspected was involved in the current destruction. And that was her older sister, Amber,

Lossenthêl brought up another key issue that could be related to the destructive black magic involved in Brettonia’s War, and that is sharing what Amber had told her of her own Magical forest. The Maiden of the Lady instantly used her magic and Amber appeared. Amber and the Maiden had a conversation in the language Amber taught and opened up to Lossenthêl- Arcane Elven. Only Lossenthêl understood the to fey’s conversation.

However before that conversation could begin Lossenthêl , upon Amber’s sudden summoning, jumped up from sitting down and got a distance away from Huebald and moved to protect Amber from him. She had good reason as Timon had already raised his sword to the fey. And strangely, Timon got up but not in a way to harm Amber but to put himself between her and his leige, Duke Huebald.

And the conversation commenced. When it was over, the Maiden spoke to Lossenthêl. It was an apology and then an admittance of the Maiden needing to prove Lossenthêl ’s story. It was the second time Lossenthêl had to prove herself that night.

That volcano spoken of earlier within Lossenthêl was now starting to erupt and steam was coming out of the vents.

Lossenthêl, perhaps in a way to cool off or perhaps prepare for the storm that was going to Overtake her soon, had inquired about her acceptance to the Elves of the Athel Loren. The Maiden did some magic and confirmed Lossenthêl’s story of how Lossenthêl wasn’t raised in Elvish culture but of Human culture and Lossenthêl was sick of it. Lossenthêl pondered about her hair as Duke Huebald spoke to Glurg. The Ogre ended up saying something to make Duke Huebald quick to silence as if the Duke didn’t want to admit to anything wrong.

And with the words of encouragment from Pergale and Timon about Lossenthêl’s hair, oh if only Timon knew… But after that the volcanoe was now ready to explode.

And it happened on the human lordling when Lossenthêl spoke of her wanting to go to the Athel Loren and save it. Duke Huebald made the mistake of begining to state his distrust and discomfort of the Athel Loren; which in Brettonian culture often meant treating the magnificent magical forest with dis-honor. Lossenthêl was quick to cut him off and in anger stood up to the Noble stating the honest and obvious: If Athel Loren dies, the world dies. The world ends when the Athel Loren ends.

Lossenthêl also made Pergale upset when Lossenthêl stated that The Maiden and Pergale had the same eyes but that Pergale’s was brighter. And while Lossenthêl did honestly feel bad about that she was still upset that Pergale and the others held onto information that could save many people’s lives.

Lossenthêl hated secrets especially now that the Maiden confirmed something the young elf knew since she was eight: That her parents were keeping a secret from her and a life that she was robbed of.

Down south is where they were headed and Lossenthêl went to go use the Bailey Archery right after talking to Pergale. Down south to kill the dark mage or mages. Lossenthêl needed to make a prayer to Kurnous about a hunt and something worthy of involking his name for.


Nice. By the way, I love the fact that Lossenthêl won’t let anyone keep a secret! It makes for some great character conflict.

Human's Pride and their Prejudice

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